tips for choosing a podcast name

Tips on Choosing a Podcast Name

Hello friends, I trust you all are having a great day! Today’s post “Tips on Choosing a Podcast Name” will help you on your podcasting journey as you may now be ready to start a show!

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As you know, I am launching “Blake’s Booth Podcasting Studio” at Helping One More Entrepreneur, H.O.M.E. in Middletown, DE on Thursday, April 8th and I hope that you have registered to attend the Grand Opening!

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If you won’t be able to attend either of the Grand Opening Events, don’t despair as I will be conducting monthly workshops at the studio starting in May.

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Now in episode #250 of the Delaware Blogger Podcast I gave several tips on choosing a name for your podcast which included:

  • Check If Names Are Already Taken – First you should run each name through Google. Research your competition and If nothing obvious jumps out at you, then check the podcast directories. Searching the name on Apple Podcasts as well as social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest etc.
  • Make it Memorable – Say It Out Loud – Pick out your favorite name or ideas and say them out loud a few times throughout the day. Do they roll off your tongue naturally? You’re going to be saying the name a few hundred times during your podcast’s life, so you don’t want it to be something you’ll get sick of saying. 
  • Podcast Purpose – Your podcast name should tell people exactly what it’s about, and it should catch their attention. You don’t want a name so off the cuff that no one has any idea of what it is, and you want something interesting enough to stop people scrolling through their feeds.
  • KISS – Short & Sweet – As a general rule, the shorter your podcast name, the more memorable it is. If you can make your name 30 characters or less, this is good – KISS = KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID
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  • Think About Tone of Show – The name of the show should fit the mood of your podcast. Is is going to be funny or comedic? If so, a fun, casual name should let the listener know that there for a good time? Perhaps your show is more educational, serious or professional, then the name should be something that states that they will be listening to expert knowledge on the show.
  • Keyword Searchable – You might want to incorporate one or two keywords in your podcast name. For example, if your podcast is about finance, you might want to use a word like cash, bank or money in the show’s name.  Don’t keyword stuff or use click bait in your title as this is a real turnoff.

So if you haven’t listened to the episode, click this link to do so, then leave a comment and share it with a friend.

I hope to see your face in the place on Thursday!

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  1. This is good information for people who want to get into podcasting. I plan to restart my podcast over the next month and I found several ideas here that will be helpful to me. Thanks for writing this.

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