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If you are a new podcaster but are ready to bring guests onto your show, I have a few tips to share that you should know before you do.

Interviews are one of the most popular forms of podcast episodes and because podcasting is relatively new to most. So being asked to be a guest is exciting however, you want to make sure that each guest is bringing value to your show and to your audience as they are what is going to make or break your show.

On this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast I talked about why you cannot relinquish control of your show especially as a newbie or it just might become one of those episodes that “gets lost in production” as well as a few pointers for booking guests.

Like I said, when you are looking for guests, make sure they fit the niche of the show and are providing value to your listeners.  You don’t just want to bring on a guest just because they are “rich and famous” unless their last name is Obama or Winfrey – just kidding.  Hey, you might even get James Carville on your show if it’s political because he too recently launched a podcast.

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Anywho, if you are interviewing guests, make sure to lay the ground rules and don’t let them take over your show because once you lose control you might not be able to bring them back.

Oftentimes, even if you’ve known your guest for a period of time or have heard them interviewed on another podcast, they might try to hijack your show and that definitely is a no no.

My previous podcasts “Out and About with Antionette” were scripted interview style shows. I sent the questions to my guest prior to the show along with a guest release, however, it was always notated that even with the scripted questions there would be room for ad-libbing. The reason being is that you want to make sure that you are delivering what you have promised your listeners no matter what. You do however, want to allow for some good storytelling to keep everyone engaged.

Finding podcast guests can be a struggle at first, but podcasting is still considered to be a new medium and a lot of people would be excited to be guests on your show.

So when you put out a call to find your guests, whether you are searching on LinkedIn using the appropriate hashtags or asking members in your Facebook and Twitter podcast communities, be sure you let people know the type of show that you have as well as the topics of which you are seeking so you both know the criteria before you book them onto your show.

Remember, you don’t have to invite everyone who responded to be on your show and no-no you don’t pay nor charge guests either!

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Once you have chosen your guests and scheduled the interview, send them a Guest Release form which can be created in Google Docs along with a release statement which includes questions such as:

  • Preferred name
  • Preferred title
  • Organization
  • Bio/Headshot
  • Links to website and social media platforms
  • Topics they want to talk about

The Release Form should be standard, giving you permission to record and use the guest’s voice and images during the promotion of the episode and it protects you from claims of defamation, copyright infringement and others, you can Google a sample online.

Once the completed form is received you might want to schedule some time to have a conversation with your guest prior to the podcast. This is so you can each hear how each one sounds to avoid over talking as well as checking the sound quality of their equipment, you can also lay down any ground rules of what you are expecting from them as a guest on your show.

You can also send them a Podcast Guest Checklist which covers audio and tech requests, because the sound quality is important to your show and you and your brand. The checklist will include tips on having a good interview; location; avoiding distractions; asking them to put their device on DND and remove any external noises including kids and pets; going to the bathroom and having water nearby.

During that initial conversation, you should both feel comfortable with one another and keep it conversational so that the flow of the show is how you want it to be.  Relax and enjoy the ride because you will be taking it again and again and remember it will get better in time.

Recording remotely can be a challenge and nerve racking, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from interviewing guests on the go.  Here is the link to an article by Descript that provides information on How to Record a Podcast Remotely and Get it Right the First Time.

I also have a few tip sheets for podcasters and podcast guests, so send an email to info@ablakeenterprises.com and I’ll send you a copy.

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Do you have guests on your podcasts? If so, do you have some tips to share?

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