Podcast interview with Kimberly Lee Boggerty

Uncovering the Power of Healing, Forgiveness, and Rediscovery with Kimberly Lee Boggerty


In this episode of Out & About with Antionette, I interviewed the inspirational author Kimberly Lee Boggerty.



Kimberly shared her journey as a Delaware native and clinical research professional, discussing her newly released memoir “Get Your W.A.I.T. Up, Sis.” The book shares a message of healing, forgiveness, and rediscovery for women. Kimberly discusses the journey of turning her personal journaling into a published work, highlighting the significance of waiting on the Lord and the transformative power of storytelling. Listeners are invited to connect with Kimberly on social media and explore her book.



Get Your W.A.I.T. Up Sis Book Cover


Kimberly shares her captivating background, from her upbringing as a military child to her professional endeavors as a clinical research professional and a mentor in her community. Her magnetic presence shines through as she delves into the creative process behind her book. Kimberly walks us through her transition from journaling to becoming an author, highlighting her faith as a driving force and the pivotal moment when she realized her writings were meant to be shared with the world.

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as they unravel the meaning behind the title, “Get Your W.A.I.T. Up, Sis”. Kimberly narrates her spiritual revelation and the essence of ‘waiting on the Lord’, a concept that laid the foundation for her memoir’s powerful message. She weaves an acronym found within the title, which stands as a guide for learning how to wait, letting the audience in on an exciting surprise that awaits within the book.

She and I also delved into the importance of storytelling, uplifting those seeking to share their own narratives and make their voices heard. As the conversation winds down, Kimberly leaves the audience with a compelling message, quoting a poignant biblical scripture and inspiring everyone to walk in their purpose by design.

For those inspired by Kimberly’s journey, her memoir “Get Your W.A.I.T. Up, Sis” presents a compelling opportunity to unlock hidden purposes in life and cultivate a better understanding of self-discovery. It’s evident that the world of podcasting thrives on sharing powerful stories and impactful conversations, making it a platform for diverse voices and stories that have the power to uplift, inspire, and enlighten its listeners.

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