Getting Fit & Having Fun with a Palm From Verizon Wireless



Wow, I can’t believe it has been 9 months since I started working from home full time in my business, however, I do believe that I have gained a few extra pounds so it’s time to get back into a fitness routine.

I have decided to actively engage in a morning routine that begins with a glass of water with lemon, 30 minutes on the treadmill and also cutting back on the beer and wine (yea yea, I know, I have said it before).

You know I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, I rather set goals and I am not waiting until January 1st, I am starting now and thanks to my friends over at Verizon Wireless, they have made it a bit more fun!

If you haven’t heard much about the Palm, I do hope that after reading this post you will know more than enough to add it to your wish list of holiday gifts.  As it’s named, the Palm, fits into the Palm of your hand and it was a great companion to have on the treadmill.


The Palm is an ultra-mobile device that is about the size of a credit card but it has all the Android apps and a 12MP camera.  Once I synced it with my phone, a Samsung S9+ I didn’t need to keep my phone close to me while I was walking or later when I had to run out for a quick errand.




Ladies, the Palm is also perfectly sized and fits neatly into a small wallet  or wristlet for when you are attending holiday parties and festivities because you won’t have a need to carry a larger clutch.




Oh, it was also great to have when I was using Maps navigator while driving to Maryland as it stayed snug as a bug in a rug in the cell phone vent holder.



Check out this Quik video

Another goal I have as we enter 2019 is to unplug a little bit more and I found with the Palm that I wasn’t constantly picking it up and scrolling through the feeds on my social media platforms.

I am also going to try harder to live in the moment and with the Palm I think I can do it because I know that I won’t be totally disconnected from the world and my clients.


The Life Mode is a unique Palm feature that lets you stay connected while minimizing digital distractions. It allows you to control what gets your attention so you can stay connected and present in the moment while on vacation or with family and friends.


The built in app NumberShare also syncs your Palm to your primary phone, both Android and iPhone enabling you to receive texts, alerts and phone calls.  So you can still post to social media and respond to calls, emails and texts.


When you first turn on the Palm the Setup Wizard guides you through the basics including choosing a language, connecting to WiFi and your accounts, social media and email.

There’s only one button on the side to turn it on/off and activate the Google Assistant.  The one swipe up gives you access to all your apps and you can launch the phone, camera and music easily.  Swipe down to see the full menu and access options such as the flashlight or turning on the airplane mode.

With the Palm you can access all your apps and it even has a Facial Recognition feature with a long battery life.

The only negative comment I have is that the camera feature isn’t a good as the Samsung S9+, but if I need to capture a quick pic it was perfectly fine and fun too!
To learn more about the specs and pricing, head over to the Verizon Wireless website.
Let’s Chat > Do you think that a Palm would be a convenient companion for you and your busy life?

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