What Foods Did You Hate As A Child But Love To Eat Now?

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What Foods Did You Hate As A Child But Love To Eat Now?



Tomorrow is the biggest eating day of the year, and if you are fortunate and blessed enough to have a warm meal on Thanksgiving, please stop and give thanks to whom it is that you serve and honor for those blessings. 


I don’t know about you, but I still remember the large Thanksgiving meals that we had growing up in New Rochelle, NY.  We lived in a housing project and my aunt lived in the apartment on the same 5th floor so we could run back and forth between kitchens to eat in excess, which most of us did.  




I loved it all….the turkey…the stuffing…the gravy…the ham..the sweet potatoes…the potato salad and of course the collard greens.  However, there was always that one food that I hated and would wrap it in a napkin and throw it out the window when it was added to my plate…SQUASH!


I don’t know what it was about squash that I hated as a kid, but now as an adult – I love it!  I especially love Spaghetti Squash, and here’s the link to a previous recipe which is a very healthy dish.


Yellow Squash



I can’t recall why or even if anyone else had a problem with eating it, but all I know is that I hated yellow squash on my plate – perhaps it was because my grandmother would boil it until it was slimy and I hated the texture.  


My cousins never had a problem with the sliminess, as a matter of fact, my cousin Belinda, God Rest Her Soul would slop up some chitterlings in a heartbeat, something else I would never have eaten then and definitely would not be eating now!!!!!!!!




So when you sit down tomorrow at a table full of family food traditions think back to the foods that you never ate as a child but love to eat today, then leave a comment below and share this post with a family member or friend for them to chime in.





29 thoughts on “What Foods Did You Hate As A Child But Love To Eat Now?

    1. Beans really, string beans, pinto beans, what kind of beans? I too love beans, but you know what they say, “beans beans good for the heart…the more you eat the more you …..

    1. Yes, I don’t remember eating asparagus as a kid but can only imagine that I wouldn’t have liked it either, however, now as an adult I love them. Happy Thanksgiving my friend, may you be surrounded by love and happiness this year to help get through what will be a difficult holiday season.

  1. We grew up where we didn’t have to “like” everything. We didn’t have to “clean” our plates. But we had to give new foods 3 tries. We had to have 3 bites of a food before we could say, nope, that’s not for me.

    I really didn’t like Brussels sprouts, but now I do. Same with beets. I’m pretty open minded when it comes to new foods (but I think I’ll go to my grave having never tried mountain oysters)… Happy Thanksgiving All 🙂

    1. I was talking to a co-worker about this blog post and she too mentioned Brussels Sprouts which I have never eaten, therefore, need to try and I agree, beets were never my #1 favorite but love them now. Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

  2. I hated squash too when I was a kid but love it today. Of course, as a child of the Midwest I hated almost any vegetable except corn. Boy, I has my palate developed after moving abroad and marrying a Frenchman.

    1. oh la la – a Frenchman – I can only imagine the decadent desserts you now get to devour. Anywho, I digress, I was never a big fan of corn either and still don’t eat much of it today. Happy Thanksgiving Patty!

  3. Raw oysters! We lived in the Seattle area for a couple of years and the base we lived (modern one & built with respect for the local ecology) had a beaches where we could go get clams and oysters at low water. I still remember seeing some guy just sit down on a rock in the middle of the oyster bed with a lemon, a bottle of Tabasco sauce, and a shucking knife. At that time I was OK with oysters once my mom had dredged ’em in breadcrumbs and fried them up, but the idea of just slurping ’em down raw? EEEEWWW SLIMY!

    Of course today I would give my eyeteeth to have a chance to sit on that rock with a lemon, a bottle of Tabasco sauce, and a shucking knife.

    Mostly I went the other way, though. I liked some really crappy food when I was a kid. Velveeta and Hostess fruit pies both spring to mind.

    1. Oh yes, watching people shuck and swallow a raw slimy oyster was the worse, however, I still have never tried to eat them and can only eat a steamed clams and shrimp now. However, it is funny that you mention Velveeta Cheese because I just bought a small bar to make mac and cheese for tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie!

  4. Any and all cooked vegetables. My mom and grandmother boiled everything, and sometimes overcooked the veggies. Plus, they didn’t season veggies. I grill and saute my veggies, and throw a little Lawrys or Adobo on them. Funny, my mom was great at cooking everything else though.

    1. I know, not sure why they felt the need to overboil veggies – perhaps it was their way of ensuring there were no bugs, pesticides of fungus remained after all our grandparents had to pick their own veggies, which is why I prefer to steam.

  5. I absolutely despised the lack of taste and texture of brussels sprouts growing up…..but since I’ve learned how to season and roast them to perfection, I could it them everyday. They are also delicious when roasted with an assortment of peppers, onions and mushrooms. So, yummy! 🙂

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