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Hello and welcome to episode #5 of What’s Up Wednesday with the Delaware Blogger Podcast.

Today’s podcast interview is featuring Nicolle Surratte. 

Nicolle D. Surratte, the Chief Inspiration Officer of NspireD, is an inspirational speaker, breast cancer thriver and health advocate with a holistic approach to health and well-being. She helps women navigate their wellness journey and reduce their risk of breast cancer and other chronic health conditions through stress management and lifestyle changes. A diagnosis should not be the wake up call that forces women to pay more attention to their health practices.

A graduate of Western Maryland College, Nicolle has a BS in Psychology, Elementary Education and Voice; and a MS in Deaf Education. Nicolle spent more than 25 years in the field of education as a classroom teacher and administrator. In addition to teaching in public and private schools, Nicolle has been a Sign Language, music and math instructor to children and adults.

Nicolle is a certified Community Health Worker (Temple University) and a Master Food Educator Volunteer (University of Delaware). As a breast cancer advocate, Nicolle is a graduate of the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s Project LEAD Institute where she received training in the science of breast cancer. She has also been trained in advocacy and public policy, and has spoken on Capitol Hill.

Delaware Blogger Podcast interview with Nicolle Surratte

KALEIDOSCOPE Survivors Ball: Celebrating the Beauty of Broken Pieces; 9/20/19; 7-11 pm; DoubleTree Hotel 4727 Concord Pike in Wilmington; $60 until 8/31, $75 until 9/9


In addition to serving as a Cancer Fighter Ambassador for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Nicolle is a member of the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center’s Community Resource Advisory Board (CRAB). She created and hosts two annual events in Delaware – The Cocktails & Comedy Cancer Fundraiser and the KALEIDOSCOPE Survivors Ball: Celebrating the Beauty of Broken Pieces. Nicolle recently released her memoir – The Voice of Victory in the Valley: Diary of a Breast Cancer Thriver.

Click this link to listen to the Delaware Blogger Podcast as she talks about the Survivor’s Ball on September 20th.

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  1. I loved this podcast! I thought I had already posted a comment…that’s teacher life…Probably fell asleep before I even hit submit! 😀

    I’ve heard Ms. Surratte speak at an NCBWDE conference when I was in the MWUL Fellows Program. She talked about her past taking care of her family, her diagnosis, what she went through in her personal life and how she pressed through it all to the light on the other side. To me, it looked like that light was her! She was such an inspiration and still is! So positive and positively beautiful!

    The stories of women are so different and yet so similar. I’ve heard that our trials are not to break us, but for us to take that experience to build someone else up. So, I think with all of her trials, all women will need some part of her message at some point or another to stay encouraged. As for me, she’s an educator and I know educators are good at going into the classroom and putting themselves aside for the sake of their students. But, her ability to go through all that fire without showing any sign of smoke and still attend to her personal health is what I hope to take from her.

    1. Wow – it was in my span folder, perhaps Google thought there were too many words, however, this is the type of responses we should expect on a blog post that we took hours to write, format and post! Yes, Nicolle and I have been friends for many years, she actually attended a few of my first blogging workshops when I started teaching in 2013. I have supported her endeavors as she does mine and have always appreciated everything that she has done.

      Cancer has killed too many of my cousins and hubby has been thriving with colon cancer for over 5 years so it’s also very personal to me.

      See ya on Saturday and thanks for supporting me and my blog!

  2. I loved this podcast! I thought I had already posted a comment. That’s teacher life. Probably fell asleep before hitting submit! ?

    I heard Ms. Surratte speak at an NCBWDE conference when I was in the MWUL Fellows Program. It was the first time I’d ever heard of a “Chief Inspiration Officer”. ❤️She talked about taking care of her family, her diagnosis, and the personal things she pressed through. She was an inspiration and still is. So positive and positively beautiful! I love how she went through all that fire and there’s still not a sign of smoke on her! All women need to hear that kind of testimony.

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