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Hello and welcome to episode #6 of What’s Up Wednesday with the Delaware Blogger Podcast.

Today’s podcast interview is featuring Deborah Olatunji

Deborah Olatunji: Author of Unleashing Your Innovative Genius: High School Redesigned
Deborah Olatunji
Deborah Olatunji

Deborah Olatunji is an accomplished writer, poet, activist, friend, and high school student. As the Founder and president of her own social venture, the Student Leadership Initiative Program, she and her peers help students in her school to navigate their interests and passions through a mentorship-fueled organization. Based in Delaware, SLIP has other branches in the state and the continental United States such as Georgia and more to come. She is intensely passionate about being a disrupter and catalytic force in the education system.

Deborah is also one of nine board members nationwide for a youth-driven, New York-based non-profit organization called GripTape. Their mission is to give youth decision-making control over what and how they learn with small grants to pursue a topic they’re passionate about and a Champion to encourage them along the way. She has been serving since June 2018.

Unleashing Your Innovative Genius : High School Redesigned

Book Campaign Goals

There is a campaign in affect now so that Deborah can get her book published and she is only 70 pre-sales from her goal, so click this link to order your copy and share with a friend as well!

To learn more about Deborah, follow her on all her social media platforms
@deb_olatunji on Twitter, Instagram, and email at [email protected]. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn

Click this link to listen to this week’s episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast as Deborah talks more about the importance of education as well as why she wants all of us to reach out to help and support the youth of today.

Delaware Blogger Podcast interview with Deborah Olatunji

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  1. Such a great interview! She’s definitely a leader. I used to always encourage young girls in my programs to just try things and see what they liked to find a career interest, be a self-starter, volunteer, etc. It’s so inspiring that she runs on all cylinders with her interests! You don’t always see young ladies being pushed or allowed to explore like that (just the opposite for young men which I think has historically contributed to stereotypical patterns in career choices between the genders and salary discrepancies later in life). I’ll be ordering her book for my classroom.

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