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Where Will Your Podcast Take You?

Podcasting can be your passport around the world

Hello and Happy 1st Day of Autumn…wow where did the summer go?

What was the most exciting thing that you did “last” summer? Did you get a chance to travel? With the COVID-19 Crisis, we didn’t get a chance to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary with a trip to the Caribbean.

However, last week, from the comfort of my office, I traveled virtually to be interviewed by Mary Labrie, host of “Women of a Certain Age”, podcast based in Sydney, Australia.

This podcast was timely as I celebrated my 59th Birthday on Sunday!  The podcast is geared towards women of a certain age and is a lifestyle brand with a social media community of over 5000 women throughout Australia, Canada and the United States so my voice is going to be heard by many others which is even more exciting.

Yep I went around the world and came back again so on this YouTube video, the question is “where will your podcast take you?”

When I first started my blogging and podcasting journey in 2012 and 2017 respectively, I never thought that it would provide opportunities such as this and that is why I’m so passionate about teaching others how to start a Podcast, as a matter of fact two of my recent clients have launched a podcast on Anchor FM and on the 27th another one launched hers, I feel like a proud podcast mama.

Anchor FM Avi with iHeart Radio

Not only does podcasting give you an opportunity to share your voice,  your vision and your mission with others but it gives you an opportunity to connect with people all around the world and you never know who’s watching or listening to you.

When my interview airs, I can’t wait for you to hear it because it brought back some great memories of not only starting my first blog and 2012 but also my blogging journey in 2017 with AAU Teen Talk Radio and now I am excited to announce that you can hear the Delaware Blogger Podcast on iHeartRadio!!!!

iHeartRadio Logo Black

If you are ready to start a podcast send an email to me at [email protected] to schedule your 30-Minute Complimentary Discovery Call and sign up for the 2-hour Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching Session.

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