Working, Warring & Winning with Your Spouse

On Sunday, I had an opportunity to interview Twila Kaye, the Creator of The Partner C.O.D.E. which is a program specifically designed for business co-owners to work successfully together so both their relationship and business thrive.

Running a business is oftentimes a challenging endeavor. However, running one with your spouse adds a whole new dimension of complexity, and a whole new set of of additional challenges. There are, of course, many advantages to partnering with the person whom you not only most likely know the best, but whom you also most trust and love.

At the same time, partnering with your spouse or significant other can oftentimes blur the traditional work-life boundaries and blending business with personal roles can potentially create all sorts of complex business, emotional, and familial issues.

Twila Kaye is an insightful visionary who helps entrepreneurs, spouses, couple entrepreneurs, friends, and families build their empire…together. A relationship and revenue coach that gets clients results, Twila is often referred to as the “air traffic controller” you need to land ultimate success.

With over 25 years as an entrepreneur, business consultant, sales and marketing executive, and real estate professional, Twila built one of the largest specialty gift basket manufacturing and drop shipping companies in the United States with her husband, Paul beside her all the way.

She is the recipient of the prestigious Entrepreneurial Excellence Woman In Business Champion Award and has been featured in numerous publications, podcasts, television morning show and business segments, and radio shows.

Twila Kaye speaking

A highly regarded speaker, podcaster, and global thought leader, Twila was a previous Managing Director of eWomen Network, Board Member of the Women Entrepreneurs Organization, and SPARK Program Facilitator/Mentor at Saint Mary’s College/Notre Dame.

She is the Founder of the Woman Up Global Movement where she leads the charge for women to consistently bring the highest and best version of themselves to their marriage and business.

Special Podcast Guest, Twila Kaye

Click the link above to listen to the entire interview then share it with your family and friends especially to those who are running a business with their spouse or committed other!

1 thought on “Working, Warring & Winning with Your Spouse

  1. Female entrepreneurs and female leadership is a turn on to single mature men.They deserve equal respect and admiration just as a man gets in business. DNN has a great respect for female leadership and appreciates networking with them. This way, everyone wins in business and we earn more $ gUaP $ working together. 🙂

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