10 podcast topic tips

10 Podcast Topic Tips

Have you started your podcast show yet or are you still trying to think of a topic to talk about?

Well if deciding on a podcast topic is the one thing that is holding you back then in this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast; Episode #242, you will find a few suggestions.

In this episode I am giving you 10 podcast topics that may help you determine what you want to talk about on your show so that you can get started.

10 Podcast Topics

In this podcast episode I talked about starting a show using the following 10 podcast topics and I would be interested to know if you would choose any of them.

  1. Twilight Zone Trivia or any television show series like Star Trek
  2. Numerology/Astrology/Horoscopes
  3. Books of the Bible/Koran/Torah
  4. Home/Health/Happiness
  5. TV Trivia/Book Club
  6. Through the Decades or This Day in Time
  7. Meals by Men
  8. How To’s/DIYs/Hacks
  9. Share What You Care
  10. Helping Others Through Life’s Struggles
Podcast topic ideas

Podcasting is a very powerful medium one that you can use to help others to literally change their lives.  Is there something that you can share based upon your previous experiences; whether you are an educator or entertainer or expert in your field; you can help others with just using your voice.

Don’t use the excuse that there’s not enough time … you need to squeeze out a little time to not only brand yourself but help others and I hope that these tips will help to get your brain juices flowing.

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