178: 5 Podcasting Pointers #178

Are you starting a new podcast or are a seasoned pro – if so, check out these 5 Podcasting Pointers to promote your podcast, then leave a few of your own:

Find and Follow Your Audience – find your audience and then promote your podcast on the platform in which they hang out.  Younger audience are commonly found on Instagram and Snapchat, Boomers and Beyond are on LinkedIn and Facebook
Use Hashtags – yes, even on Facebook.  Hashtags help in organic searches and helps other find podcasts and podcast topics.  Use hashtags such as #podcast #podcasthost #podcastguest and of course, #podcastlife
Use images – humans have the attention span less than that of a goldfish – approximately 7 seconds so make sure you have pretty pictures or images to stop people from strolling
Turn audio into video – convert your audio into a video using animation apps.  Tools such as AudioGram will transform audio into video with images.
Promote Old Episodes – Create a schedule to promote your podcasts and be consistent – never just one and done.  Use Buffer, Hootsuite, PromoRepublic to repurpose old episodes especially if the topic is evergreen.

Find and follow my podcast, “Out and About with Antionette on the Delaware Blogger Podcast” https://anchor.fm/delawareblogger and subscribe to my blog https://delblogger.com

AudioGram – https://getaudiogram.com/register/f2bfa8

Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/DelawareBlogger/message

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