Help to Put Computers in Classrooms with NERDiTNOW


NERDiTNOW and the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest



Hello and Happy Good Friday my friends.  I am asking that you take a few minutes to help put more computers in classrooms by voting for NERDiTNOW in the 2018 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest

Owner, Markevis Gideon has not only worked tirelessly in building and growing his small business, but he is also consistently giving back to communities, not only here in Delaware but also with H.O.P.E. Missions in Ghana.



Contest Submission

Elevator Pitch

We purchase, repair and resell computers/phones/tablets with the use of the MOTHERBOARD which is an ambulance converted into a mobile office

Tell us about your business. What inspired you to get into it, what you sell/service you offer, what makes your business stand out and how it impacts you, your community or the environment.

Understanding the need for both individuals and small businesses to have their very own NERD i.T Guy, this business was created to do just that. At age twelve I was given my first computer, which sparked initial interest in the i.T field. Starting in a 2-bedroom apartment to a storefront with two branded vehicles (including the “Motherboard”), we have been able to excel in the market by being a honest company, that help save time, money and ultimately NERD all of your technical needs NOW!

How would you use the FedEx Small Business Grant money to make a significant impact on your business?

Here at NERDiT NOW, we are small but mighty! All grant money awarded will only propel us forward. And you can see how below: Increase our Assets $15,000 Purchase and design a second mobile truck to expand services to residential and corporate clients in Philadelphia. Technicians and staff $10,000 We will onboard 2 new techs to staff our new location & second truck. Increase Brand Awareness With the help of FEDEX print services we will revamp our marketing material & create new signage.




Video Submission



Thank you for supporting fellow NERD & Friend – Have an awesome weekend!

3 Lifestyle Changes that Will Save Money


3 Lifestyle Changes that Will Save Money

By Aurora McCausland


More often than not you’ve probably sat and wondered how you could manage to save a little extra money every month. You don’t have the time nor the energy to start another job, and you don’t have any hobbies that you feel like you could monetize. But it would be nice if your wallet had a little more padding, your bank account just a little more cushioning, and your budget a little more wiggle room. The good news is, there are definitely ways that you can start saving and stop stressing about getting all of your bills paid on time.




Think about your lifestyle differently


This isn’t news to anyone. You came to this article hoping to find actual answers to help you save money. Saying “spend less money!” isn’t going to solve anything. Even with the strictest budgets, the most important thing that needs to happen, is that you need to think differently. Stop thinking about money in a negative way. Don’t say “I don’t have enough money”, because that’s true. Those negative thoughts are not helping you bring more money into your life! So the very first step to saving money, is to tell yourself that you are good at saving money. Changing your mindset is a really important part of trimming your budget and saving your money more effectively.



Look at your spending habits

There are some of us, who know that we have areas we spend too much money on. Some of us spend a lot of money mindlessly shopping online. Some of us eat out for dinner every night, even though we know there are groceries sitting in the fridge, just waiting to be eaten. But some of us, feel like we handle our money in a mature manner, and genuinely feel like there’s nowhere to trim your budget without feeling deprived or living far below our means.



Do you fall prey to the lure of “sales”, and spend money on things you don’t need, or that you could easily live without?


Do you buy name brand products, when you know that there are quality options for a fraction of the cost?



These are two of the biggest culprits of people that feel like they don’t spend extra money! You could cut your grocery bill down significantly if you were to buy store brand items instead. And if you see a sale, walk away! Always look for sales when you’re planning to buy something. But just because there’s a sale, doesn’t mean there’s something there that you need to buy. So don’t let yourself be pulled in by the enticing promise of quality items for less, because you really don’t need those things.


How new is your car?


Most people either buy brand new cars, or they buy very used and relatively old cars. Not a lot of people fall somewhere in the middle. But in this case, you really want to be right in the middle. Buying a brand new car can cause you to lose a lot of money. The value of a brand new car drops thousands of dollars when you drive it off the lot. Whereas, a car that’s a decade old will need a lot of maintenance over the course of just a few years, and you’ll end up pouring money into a junker car that you don’t love.

When you need to buy a new car, find a reputable used car dealership (many regular car dealerships also have a used car section that you can shop from). You can often find a car that’s less than two years old and is virtually new, but will cost you significantly less than a new car. This link has some handy tips for make cost-effective car-purchasing decisions.


Passively Save


If your money is just sitting in your checking account, chances are that you will end up spending it. Even if you didn’t intend to, and even if you don’t have a reason to spend that money. The smartest way to make sure that you don’t spend all of your money when you don’t need to, is to set up automatic payments from your checking account to your savings account.

This way, you don’t even have to think about it, and you’ll end up saving a lot of money this way. Start with 10% of every paycheck, automatically transferred into savings. If you don’t miss that portion of money after a few months, change it to 15% of your income. Find an amount that works for you, and passively save it every single month! 


Let’s Chat > What are some ways in which you save?


Profisee – Your Source for Master Data Management & Protection




I can still remember years ago when businesses were supposed to become a “paperless society”.  They were going to be printing less and storing more on computers and floppy discs, yes, old school I know.


However, here it is almost 25 years later and we are still using just as much if not more paper and are storing mass quantities of data now more than ever before.  Unfortunately, with fewer personnel on site and in the offices, businesses today have to engage the services of others in order to protect and store their much needed data.




One of those companies is Profisee, a leading modern data management technology company that makes it easy, affordable and accessible, to provide a trusted data foundation across your entire business or enterprise.




Their unique approach enables your investment WITHOUT LIMITS on users, records, domains, and data sources. All of their customers deploy on any applications and devices, delivered on premises, in the cloud, or via hybrid model.


With so many natural and unnatural disasters affecting various areas around the world, it is vital to have a backup with quick access to your customer’s data and Profisee is an expert in this field.


And as your organization grows, what once was a simple task of maintaining a complete product list with descriptions and prices can also become difficult so let Profisee MDM help provide that data giving you time to focus more on consistent customer engagement while protecting the value of your brand.


It doesn’t matter how much or how little data that your company needs to store, the Profisee Advantage helps power your digital transformation, with a modern data management platform that is competitive in the market with its price, deployment, knowledge and delivery advantages.


Master Data Management is important to everyone NO MATTER the size of your organization.  After all, everyone needs to understand:

  1. People and Parties you do business with
    1. Customers,
    2. Vendors and
    3. Employees.
  2. Locations you do business in
    1. Branches,
    2. Stores,
    3. Offices,
    4. Cost/Vendor Centers for Finance.
  3. Channels you do business by
    1. Vendor,
    2. Web/Ecommerce,
    3. Retail,
    4. Social.
  4. Things you sell, make, interact with and manage
    1. Products,
    2. Contracts,
    3. Accounts,
    4. Assets.

Profisee’s unique Total Cost of Ownership platform is empowering its customers to innovate and transform their digital businesses faster and more affordably.


Don’t believe us, ask Alexa!

Love You for You Podcast & Book Giveaway


If you didn’t have an opportunity to listen to my recent Podcast entitled, Social Media, Smartphones and Teen Suicides with special guest, Precious Allen, then I invite you to click this link to hear it.

Due to a mix-up with the time zones, Precious called into the show late, but if you are patient and listen until the end of the show, you will hear her interview.  Precious shared some intimate details about growing up and dealing with some heavy duty stuff including suicide attempts during her early years.

If you listen to the entire podcast then you will know that Precious also offered to donate a copy of her book for a Giveaway, and with Spring Break right around the corner, this seemed like a perfect time to start the contest.



The only requirement to enter this Rafflecopter Giveaway is to listen to the Podcast then leave a comment about the interview with Precious.  The contest ends on Good Friday, March 30th. 

Contest is open to USA Residents Only


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Social Selling & Tips for Realtors


Do you remember, “back in the day” when home buyers would simply open a newspaper to look for properties for sale or look up names of realtors in a phone book? 

Well, there are people that still use the newspapers but not a phone book in their search, however, home-buyers today are definitely online looking for homes and other pieces of property.




Therefore, it is imperative for any real estate agent to use social media in marketing their businesses and listings. However, because any realtor can create a Facebook or Instagram account, it’s not always clear how to use these social media platforms as a tool to send the right message to the right people at the right time.

There are realtors who are still using old-school advertising tactics like billboards, bus bench signs and making cold calls, but most home buyers no longer search this way, in fact, many times they simply ignore it.  




If a realtor wants to generate more real estate business, then he or she must be where their potential clients are and that is online.  The largest demographic of home buyers in the United States are Millennials (or “Generation Y”) they have a median age of just 29 years.  I remember when my husband and I purchased our first home, I too, was 29 years old.


On Sunday, my Podcast guest, R.K. Wilson, a Licensed Realtor® Myers Realty and I talked about a few tips for using social media to engage with clients and below are just a few.


RK Wilson-Licensed-Realtor®-Myers-Realty



Instagram is widely considered the perfect social media platform for realtors, There are more than 700 million users on Instagram.

Instagram is very user-friendly and it is mainly accessed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, which leads to higher levels of engagement.  

In promoting listings on Instagram, realtors should remember that photos tell the story on this social media platform. It is very important to post beautiful images on Instagram. Sharing 15-second video clips that showcase a house up for sale will also be a part of a winning strategy.



Without a doubt, Facebook is the king of social media with more than 2 billion users worldwide.  It’s easy enough for anyone to set up an account. But how should a real estate agent share content on Facebook?

Remember to use the 80/20 rule; 80% of posts should be for the customer while 20% should be about the business and social selling. Agents should post about happenings in and around the communities like local charity events, school-related activities or new store openings, etc.,  because this type of community engagement helps to position you as a thought leader, rather than just a seller. 

People are buying more than a home, they are buying into communities, schools, churches, events and will be making a lifetime of memories.





It may not be as widely used as Facebook, but Twitter is still a social media platform that real estate agents should be on. The volume of tweets will greatly boost a realtor’s exposure. The more tweets a real estate agent sends out, the more leads can be generated.

In addition to sharing listings, there are other types of content or pieces of information worth tweeting, like advice on moving as well as tips for staging and upgrading homes.

Real estate investors should use the platform to connect with local business people, brands and influencers. Hashtags are also very important, as people use them to search for a particular topic on Twitter. 



When it comes to professional networking online, LinkedIn is the top platform.  Agents and investors should use LinkedIn to establish their professional reputation online and gain much-needed exposure to local banks, investors and business owners , if you’re selling commercial property.

Sharing content including photos of new and exciting projects is one way to do so. A social media-savvy realtor also posts relevant and interesting reports, articles and blog posts and videos as well.  If you want to hear more tips on social selling please listen to the Podcast interview with R.K. Wilson, then leave a comment below.




Let’s Chat > Which social media platform do you use most often when searching for a product or service?


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