Love You for You Podcast & Book Giveaway

If you didn’t have an opportunity to listen to my recent Podcast entitled, Social Media, Smartphones and Teen Suicides with special guest, Precious Allen, then I invite you to click this link to hear it.

Due to a mix-up with the time zones, Precious called into the show late, but if you are patient and listen until the end of the show, you will hear her interview.  Precious shared some intimate details about growing up and dealing with some heavy duty stuff including suicide attempts during her early years.

If you listen to the entire podcast then you will know that Precious also offered to donate a copy of her book for a Giveaway, and with Spring Break right around the corner, this seemed like a perfect time to start the contest.



The only requirement to enter this Rafflecopter Giveaway is to listen to the Podcast then leave a comment about the interview with Precious.  The contest ends on Good Friday, March 30th. 

Contest is open to USA Residents Only


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9 thoughts on “Love You for You Podcast & Book Giveaway

  1. My daughters are headed in the teens, and right now I do not allow them to have social media for this very reason. However, they do have cell phones so I can keep in contact with them when I’m not around. I monitor their phones often.

    I noticed with Lauren, when she started middle school she seems more depressed and doesn’t like going to school at times. I think it’s due to her body changes, she not part of the in-crowd, and not all fashionable. Teens sure do have it hard now-a-days with all the cyber-bullying and watching people posting only the good things about themselves on social media, making teens feel like they are not enough.

    1. Oh sis, I can only imagine raising young ladies in this day and age. Our sons did get cell phones early, around 10 or so, however, social media wasn’t this prevalent however, we taught them both to be respectful of others.

      I will admit, our oldest was bullied because of his disability, but thankfully, it never escalated and was quickly addressed by his younger brother! “Brother don’t take no mess”!

      I wish you luck and success, just remember, stay in prayer and this too shall pass.

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