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2nd Annual Comic Artists & Creators of Delaware Comic-Con Contest


Black Comic History is being made in Delaware with the 2nd Annual Comic Artist & Creators of Delaware Comic-Con coming on August 5th & 6th.  This “Out & About with Antionette” podcast interview is with the creators, Demetrius Bullock and Andre Jones


Last year when they kicked off the first Annual Comic Artist & Creators of Delaware Comic-Con they shared the news with me on my podcast and they are once again fired up and ready to go!


Delaware is a very small state, but there’s so much talent, so much artistry, there’s a lot of  history with amazing people and although Demetrius is from the Bronx and Andre is from Philly they both consider Delaware their home and can look at life from a different perspective.  The hustle and grind is also right there and everybody is doing her own thing, trying to make their mark and trying to get support. 

Podcast interview with Demetrius Bullock and Andre Jones


Demetrius and Andre both fell in love with drawing comics as kids and so now they actually are living the life that they have always loved, telling stories with their art, traveling and sharing their love, and if you experience joy, other people will want to be around you to be able to experience that joy too because joy is infectious!


Demetrius started as a graffiti artist  which was once considered vandalism, however, now some of those works of art are considered museum worthy.


Everyone is born with a certain measure of talent, but we don’t always recognize it as young people but those talents will mature so you have to stay focused in your skill sets as you never know where it may lead you. 


There are no shortcuts when learning this craft, so if your kids enjoy drawing encourage it, especially if they’re young like five or six years old.  Demetrius remembered staying up late at his grandmother’s home just drawing because it was his love!  “Love what you do – do what you love and success is inevitable”  Demetrius and Andre have both put a lot of talent and skill into their works of art and it is evident in what will be seen at the event.


Tickets for 2nd Annual Comic Artist & Creators of Delaware Comic-Con are available on Eventbrite or you can call 302-883 7371 or send an email to [email protected]

You want us there? You need us there because we got to be there!

As a token of appreciation, Andre is sponsoring a contest – 4 lucky winners will receive a print if they can answer the following questions:

Bishop print by Andre Jones

What is the name the Wakandan’s gave to Bucky Barnes after they rehabilitated him?


Misty as Captain American by Andre Jones

What is the superhero code name for the character, Victor Stone?


Ultraman created by Andres Jones

Who was the chief detective in Harlem on Luke Cage?


Like Cage by Andre Jones


What is the name of the Sword agent who gets sucked into West View New Jersey on WandaVision?

If you can answer any or all of these questions, please send to Andre @ [email protected] and I hope to see you at the 2nd Annual Comic Artist & Creators of Delaware Comic-Con as I will be there livestreaming and perhaps even recording a podcast episode.

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