t Tips to promote your podcast via social media

6 Tips to Promote Your Podcast

I received some exciting news last week!!!  I have been chosen to be a speaker at the BLKPod Festival in May!!!!  If you are in the area, please make sure to come out to this wonderful event being held at the Loudermilk Conference Center in Atlanta.

Click this link for more information:

BLKPOD Festival Speaker

Last Saturday’s episode of The Delaware Blogger Podcast, I covered 6 tips to promote your podcast via social media just as a teaser to my presentation for BlkPod Festival.  If  you didn’t have an opportunity to listen as I didn’t because I moderated the “Black Spending Matters” event in Wilmington, make sure to click this link to listen then share.



Remember, if you want your podcast to be successful, you can’t simply wait for listeners to find your show, you’ll have to market and promote your podcast via social media as well as offline marketing.

Social media is a powerful tool that helps you to reach your audience and to attract new people; but don’t just use social media, you should also use your blog, vlog or website to share your shows because FREE social media platforms aren’t always reliable – TRUST ME I am still in Facebook Jail!!!

Delaware Blogger Podcast

This episode covers these 6 tips and my presentation in Atlanta will cover more so make sure to take a listen or if you are in the area during the Memorial Day weekend, make sure to swing by!

Tip #1 – Choose Your Platforms Based Upon Your Niche
Tip #2 – Make sure your profile is right and tight
Tip #3 – Make your content pop!
Tip #4 – Automate and syndicate
Tip #5 – Engage with Your Audience
Tip #6 – Promote and Promote and Promote Some More

Remember, if you want to promote a podcast on social media, you will have to spend time and energy as there is no quick shortcut in which to do so.

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