7 Rules for Starting a Successful Family Business

Starting a family business comes with a unique and often complex set of challenges and there are no one-size-fits all boiler plate solutions. However, there are common rules of engagement for handling employees who are related by blood or marriage.  On this Podcast, we talked about the 7 Rules for Starting a Successful Family Business as published in Inc.com.

Special guests, Mike, Trisha and Arianna Fox, owners of the multi-award winning @Splashdesignworks discussed some of the pros and cons of starting a family business as well as provide their own rules for success.


SplashDesignWorks Ad Agency in Delaware


Their daughter, Arianna a kidpreneur, motivational speaker, and author of The Princess Chronicles joined us to talk about her new business, Big Idea Kid Coaching and her upcoming TEDxTalk in November.





Arianna Fox, author


To hear the entire Podcast with Mike, Trisha and Arianna Fox, please click the link http://bit.ly/2f0F1eV


2 Replies to “7 Rules for Starting a Successful Family Business”

  1. I’m not too much of a fan of family working together in a business. I could be wrong. If all minds are on 1 positive accord working together in harmony, then yes I’m game for it. The flip side to that is some family feel like you owe them something just because they’re family and don’t want to help; just collect the cash. My opinion of that is family or no family…if you work together, then the job must be taken seriously and no loafing allowed. I don’t care if you’re family…I will FIRE you and withhold your money! L 😛 L


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