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Disclosure:  I received the Cujo Smart Firewall in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own. #BestBuy #ad #Cujo


Some of you may remember the book and movie Cujo written by Stephen King back in 1983.  It was about a family dog, a big St. Bernard that was bitten by a bat and then became a dangerous beast who terrorized his family.   


Well here we are 34 years later and in the world of IoT, getting a computer virus or downloading malware onto our devices is more terrifying than having a rabid dog!  


This Cujo is a smart firewall for home, designed to bring business-level security to the home network.  The Cujo secures all devices that are connected to your WiFi router.  


Internet Security


Cujo detects and blocks malicious sites, viruses, and hacks, like an antivirus for your entire network.  Cujo even lets you control what your kids can access online thereby keeping them safe and giving you a peace of mind.


I was excited to review Cujo not only as a blogger but as a Podcast Host because I am always afraid that during one of my live broadcasts something is going to go wrong because of a hidden virus.


Installing Cujo is simply plug and play.  It comes with an Ethernet cable and power cord and once I downloaded the Cujo App from the Play Store I was up and running almost immediately.


home internet safety


There’s a YouTube Video that gives you step by step instructions and in less than 5 minutes after signing up for a Cujo account, I received a welcome email and a phone call from a Cujo representative asking if I needed assistance with installation, however, after rebooting my router, I was set to go.


I am loving the Cujo Smart Firewall because of its business-level internet security that is protecting all of our devices which includes a wireless printer, Smartphones, laptops, Playstations, Cameras, phones, and even smart devices connected through our Amazon Echo and Dot!


Although we don’t need have little ones, the parental controls are great for parents who want to safeguard their kids.  You can control which sites they can surf on the internet or which social media platforms they can access blocking those which may be inappropriate for them.


It was a quick and easy downloadable Cujo app which now on my Smartphone I will get an instant message if it detects a security or cyber breach which gives me a great sense of security especially when I am away from home.


The Cujo Smart Firewall connected quickly to my existing Verizon Router and I love the “smiley eyes” which makes me feel even safer online while working in my home office.


Product Review by the Delaware Blogger


Some of the other features of the Cujo Smart Firewall include:


  • Website and Apps Filtering
  • Schedules that can manage internet access by day and time
  • Time limits to control social media and video streaming activities
  • Create user profile and settings for each family member
  • Protects all networked devices including smart doorbells, cameras, lights, phones, cameras, baby monitors and thermostats against any possible hacking


If you are looking for an easy, affordable, yet safe and smart firewall to protect you and your family against cyber attacks or breaches, head over to and check out Cujo – then you can put the fear of cyber security threats to rest.


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Oh cool beans…as I was typing this review, I got a message from the Cujo app welcoming a new device to the account.  My son had just arrived home from work and it immediately detected his iPhone – I love Cujo – no fear here!



keep your family safe with Cujo

For more information about the Cujo Smart Firewall head over to your local Best Buy or check out their website


Let’s Chat:  Have you ever had a security breach or malware affect your laptop or smart devices?


9 thoughts on “IoT Security with Cujo

  1. I’ve never seen anything like this. I like the idea of having a device that will protect my computer instead of software.

    1. Yes, I love it because it send an alert directly to my phone when it detects malware or suspicious sites which sometimes my son enters when playing on his Playstation. It definitely gives me a piece of mind.

  2. I must say myself that I personally have never seen anything or heard of such technology like this. But it does sound like a money-making winner if you ask me. Perhaps you can test the waters by trying to sell a few on your blog or via eBaY or Etsy? Hopefully they have a decent affiliate commission structure whereas affiliates can be paid per sale and also possibly get compensated for writing a review. If they do have an affiliate program, you may want to look into it and consult with the Cujo affiliate manager for more information where they can work out a specialized affiliate payout just for you.

    1. It is definitely something that you should look into as it’s perfect to keep your smart devices, computers and smartphones safe – I love that I get notifications directly to my phone when a suspicious site is trying to gain access and are blocked.

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