Podcast interview with Sharon F. Pelham

A Memoir of Mom: Conversations on a Mother’s Love, Loss, and Legacy

In this moving and insightful episode of Out & About with Antionette,” I sat down with the remarkable Sharon F. Pelham to discuss Sharon’s book, “Our Mother’s Love, Loss, and Legacy.” The episode is a touching exploration of the impact of maternal love and loss, and the significance of leaving behind a legacy. Sharon shares her personal experience and motivation for writing the book, providing a profound and heartwarming conversation that delves into the complexity of mother-daughter relationships, the enduring impact of grief, and the potential for healing and growth.



The Role of Maternal Love and Loss in Shaping Our Lives:

Sharon opens up about the inspiration behind her book “Our Mother’s Love, Loss, and Legacy,” highlighting the significant role that mothers play in their children’s lives. She recalls her own experiences and those of her friends, recognizing that maternal love is foundational, affecting each of us in unique ways. The book becomes a medium for individuals to share their stories, honoring the memories of their mothers. Sharon emphasizes that the impact of losing a mother is profound, shaping one’s identity, relationships, and perspective on life.

The Cathartic Process of Writing:

Throughout the interview, Sharon expresses how writing the book served as a cathartic process for her and the other contributors. She talks about the therapeutic nature of putting their thoughts and emotions into words, capturing memories and experiences that span generations. Writing about their mothers not only aided in their personal healing but also stands as a gift to their own children and grandchildren, allowing them to know and understand the remarkable women who came before them.

Navigating Relationships and Loss:

The conversation touches upon the diverse mother-daughter relationships that have been explored in the book. Sharon shares stories of contributors who had complicated or challenging relationships with their mothers, highlighting the breadth of experiences reflected in the book. By embracing and sharing stories of both deep love and struggle, the book becomes a source of solace and understanding for those who have faced similar challenges in their own familial relationships.


Our Mother's Love, Loss and Legacy Book Cover

Legacy and Giving Back:

Amidst their grief, Sharon and her co-authors found a profound way to honor their mothers by donating 50% of the book’s proceeds to the American Cancer Society. This act of generosity exemplifies how they transformed their grief into a meaningful contribution toward something larger than themselves. Despite knowing that their book might not become a bestseller, the intention behind their donation emphasizes the power of giving back and making a positive impact in the midst of personal loss.

Moving Forward and the Potential for Future Projects:

As the conversation draws to a close, Sharon hints at the possibility of another project, possibly involving male contributors and their stories about their mothers. This prospect holds promise for extending the conversation beyond the female perspective, shedding light on the dynamics of father-son and mother-son relationships. It stands as a testament to the enduring impact of Sharon’s initial idea, demonstrating the potential for subsequent collaborative works that further enrich the dialogue on familial love and loss.


The interview with Sharon F. Pelham offers a poignant and insightful reflection on the enduring impact of maternal love, loss, and legacy. Through the lens of her book, “Our Mother’s Love, Loss, and Legacy,” Sharon provides a heartfelt reminder of the complex, deep-rooted influence that mothers have in shaping our lives.


The episode highlights the transformative power of sharing stories and leaving behind a meaningful legacy, inspiring others to navigate their own experiences of loss and love with grace, empathy, and resilience. Sharon’s words serve as a beacon of hope, fostering a sense of understanding and community for all those who have been touched by the profound bond between a mother and her child.

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