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Strategic Goal Setting: Navigating the New Year – 2024

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Hello, my friends, I trust your holiday season is filled with joy! As we step into the realm of 2024, it’s hard to imagine how time has quickly passed, which reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode that referenced the year 2020—which is now a distant memory.

For those who share my love for the mysterious allure of the Twilight Zone, you will find me at home watching the New Year’s Eve and Day marathon.

If you’re intrigued, check out the schedule for this captivating experience.


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Reflecting on the rollercoaster ride that was 2023, amidst political shifts and lingering COVID concerns, I am thankful, grateful, and blessed that we’ve successfully navigated through the challenges.

With each new year, the tradition of making resolutions or setting goals persists. Personally, I’ve abandoned resolutions for over 25 years in favor of setting goals—a more manageable and achievable approach to personal growth.

Rather than adhering to rigid resolutions, defined as “a firm decision to do or not to do something,” I opt for setting goals. Here are five top goals for the upcoming year, 2024 Edition, which have not changed much from last year’s 2022 post:



2024 Goals



  1. Cultivate a Healthier Diet : Embrace cleaner eating by incorporating more fresh vegetables into daily meals. While not fully subscribing to a plant-based diet, this shift is motivated by a desire to manage Type 2 Diabetes by reducing meat intake and steering clear of sugary treats.
  2. Prioritize Quality Sleep Over Late-Night TV: Bid farewell to late-night TV binging, exemplified by classics like “Perry Mason.” Commit to heading to bed at a decent hour, ensuring uninterrupted and rejuvenating sleep.
  3. Rediscover the Joy of Reading: Set aside the digital realm and immerse yourself in the world of books. As someone who failed to achieve this goal in 2021 but successfully published a paperback book on Podcasting Your Purpose Resource Guide I’m determined to make reading a priority in the coming year.
  4. Strengthen Connections with Loved Ones: Building on last year’s initiative, prioritize reaching out and engaging in meaningful conversations with family and friends. Recognizing the transient nature of life, make the most of the present moment, as tomorrow is not guaranteed.
  5. Curate Positivity in Daily Media Consumption: Opt for a healthier mental and emotional state by listening to uplifting music and positive podcasts. Minimize exposure to local news and television, fostering a more optimistic outlook on life. This goal, carried over from the previous year, emphasizes the transformative power of positive messages on mental, psychological, and physical well-being.



Now, I turn the spotlight to you. Do you set goals or make resolutions as the new year unfolds?

Share your thoughts and aspirations for the coming year!

2 thoughts on “Strategic Goal Setting: Navigating the New Year – 2024

  1. I love your tradition of watching The Twilight Zone marathon! I’m over making resolutions and leaning towards setting some much needed goals for 2024. I definitely will check back with you to get some suggestions for some good books. Cheers to a wonderful 2024.

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