Are You a Sleepy Head at Sunrise or Do You Wake Refreshed & Renewed Everyday?

I am not a morning person, like my grandmother I am a self-proclaimed “sleepy head”, however, when we are on vacation that all changes.  What about you,  are you a sleepy head at sunrise or do you wake refreshed and renewed everyday?



When we take a family vacation, I will set the alarm to go off a few minutes earlier than sunrise so that I can be outdoors to watch the breaking of a new day…sleepy head or not – but why is that?

After all vacations are for relaxing and rejuvenating so why not just stay in bed until noon.  I think rising early, reading scriptures and taking 10 minutes to quiet myself to watch the sun rise above the horizon is one of the greatest ways to start a vacation day.



Vacations are taken so that the mind, body and soul can be refreshed, but why should we wait only once per year to do so?

Shouldn’t each day be greeted with refreshment?

I brought that sunrise from Cancun home with me and starting tomorrow I will begin again – sleepy head or not.

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5 thoughts on “Are You a Sleepy Head at Sunrise or Do You Wake Refreshed & Renewed Everyday?

  1. In the summer I do get up with the sun not on purpose but… Now that sunrise is later I am getting up later thinking what i slept until 7!!!!! Dead of winter 7 is early !

  2. interesting! what is interesting is that i’m both, depending on what is going on in my world. when i’m into a project i love or have something exciting (like being on vacation), i’m much more energized upon waking. but if life is a bit on the ho hum side, which happens from time to time, i am super slow and grumpy in the morning.

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