10 Blog Post Ideas to Unclog Your Blocked Brain

So you have been blogging for awhile and your content calendar was always filled with creative blog post ideas.  However, just like the change of seasons, your brain has taken a shift, the ideas aren’t flowing like they once did.

Frustrating huh?  Yep, been there, done that but there are many blog post ideas to unclog your blocked brain some of which can be read on this previous post the ABC’s of Blogging – Always Be Creating

However, if you need more, here are an additional 10 Blog Posts Ideas to get you back on track.

#1 – Review a Book, Movie or Film – The book, movie or film doesn’t have to be a blockbuster or even a best seller.  Choose one with a topic that will generate interest or that is relevant to what’s happening in the world today.

BTW, my story is featured on page 1979!

Writing book and movie reviews on your blog provides added value to your followers because people are constantly looking for honest opinions and they love sharing their own.



#2 – Run a Contest or Giveaway – With the holidays fast approaching readers will be looking to find deals online.  Why not run a contest or giveaway for not only products but perhaps for Gift Cards that can be used to purchase items on their shopping lists.

#3 – Share a Picture (s) – Head outdoors to get the images of last few summer days, like the frog that’s swimming in the backyard pool since no one else seems to be using it.  Or the plant that you purchased at 50% off in July from Home Depot that is now blooming like nobody’s business in September! 

You won’t need to write many words, just ask your readers to share their favorite summer time outdoor memory.


#4 – Interview Someone – and no, they don’t have to be a famous actor or musician.  Perhaps it’s the owner of a local Mom and Pop Shop or a self-published author.  Most will want to share their story, so send an email and set up a time and place and you can even video for YouTube or Live Stream on Facebook or IGTV.

#5 – Give the Gift of Gifs – I see this all the time, just share funny or inspirational GIFs and create your own caption or ask others to do so.  Everyone loves to laugh so help make their day with a funny GIF.


#6 – Share a family recipe or your favorite restaurants – this is the time of year that many will be looking for easy holiday recipes or comfort foods for the kids.  If you have a recipe to share or a favorite restaurant in the area, let your readers know and ask them to share their own. 

Perhaps you can even create a weekly Recipe RoundUp or LinkUp asking other bloggers to submit their favorite recipes to share on your blog.

#7 – Write Inspirational or Motivational Posts – just like laughter people need a little inspiration or motivation in their lives. Inspirational and motivational blog posts can make miracles so share a few especially in today’s environment.


#8 – Share a recent travel trip or adventure – Popular blog post ideas are travel trip and adventure posts. There are many bloggers who actually earn a living solely writing about their trips and adventures. Sharing travel tips from your adventures is very useful to your audience, whether you’re in the travel industry or not.

You can also write about the best and worst experiences that you’ve had in certain countries with certain airline or hotels/resorts.

#9 – Product Reviews – Did you just purchase a new product or service or perhaps you have a favorite cleaning product that you want to tell others about.  Write a blog post about it and don’t forget to hashtag the company so they can see that you are promoting their product and they may send you others to review as well.


#10 – Trending Topics or the Latest Gossip – do you enjoy Hollywood entertainment or perhaps talk show gossip?  Why not read or watch the latest happenings in the entertainment world then write your opinion and ask others to share theirs as well.

Talk Shows whether on television or on the radio are great trending topic starters.

Let’s Chat:  Do you have other blog post ideas to share?

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