Be Empowered Book Tour & Signing

Be Empowered Book Tour & Signing

Dr. Deborah Gilbert White with family


Hello friends I trust you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to do something fun and exciting or at least enjoy the beautiful weather like what we had in Delaware.


I did, with an opportunity to be the moderator of the “Be Empowered” book tour and signing for Dr. Deborah Gilbert White, author of Beyond Charity: A Sojourner’s Reflections on Homelessness, Advocacy, Empowerment and Hope


Beyond Charity By Dr. Deborah Gilbert White


The event was held at Mejah Bookstore in Claymont Delaware on Philadelphia Pike.  I hadn’t been to Mejah’s since 2013, when it was located at the Tri-state Mall in Claymont Delaware.

Moderator for Be Empowered Book Tour

Check out this previous blog post to read what it was like back then and stay tuned for a upcoming post about how it had changed and what has remained the same!


Ms. Em at Mejah Bookstore in 2013


It was a beautiful Saturday, brisk with a slight drizzle yet it was wonderfully exciting to see Dr. White again as the last time we were together was when she was recording her audiobook at Blake’s Booth Podcasting Studio in Middletown.

Dr. Deborah Gilbert White and Ms. Em


Ms Em is the owner and operator of Mejah Bookstore and it was wonderful to have her reconnect with Dr. White as when they first met Dr. White was homeless and Ms. Em was assisting her.

Dr. Deborah Gilbert White Book signing


You can check out more pictures on my Instagram and TikTok account and see the full event below which was also recorded on Dr. White’s Facebook page.

It was a wonderful day and the conversation with Dr. White and Ms Em, was inspirational and insightful.

Delaware Blogger and Dr. Deborah Gilbert White

The questions that were ask included:

  • What do you want people to take away from your book?
  • Would you be an advocate for people experiencing homelessness if you had not become homeless?
  • Why do you think some people are not willing to fight for social justice or social change?
  • How can we as individuals and a community get involved to bring about change?


The stories and conversations  by Dr. White and Ms. Em were great and the audience also asked several engaging questions.

Dr. Deborah Gilbert White and attendees

Please feel free to take a listen to the event and share with anyone who would be interested in learning more about Dr. Deborah Gilbert White’s homelessness advocacy and how you might be able to assist.

Books signing by Dr. Deborah Gilbert White


DeBorah Gilbert White, PhD. author of Beyond Charity: A Sojourner’s Reflections on Homelessness, Advocacy, Empowerment and Hope, and Emlyn DeGannes (Ms. Em) bookstore owner and author of Letters To Ms. Em discuss the power of telling your story. Both authors will share what inspires them to write, the issues they care about, and their work for social change. Podcast host and author Antionette Blake – The Delaware Blogger, will moderate the discussion.

Dr. Deborah Gilber White and her mother

The event was sponsored by HerStory Ensemble, MeJah Books, Inc., and Minnel Enterprises.



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