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Positioning Yourself For a Brighter Future Podcast Interview

I recently had the privledge of interviewing Joy M. Briscoe, Author, Minister and Speaker and owner of JoyNSpiresU.

Joy M. Briscoe is a survivor and overcomer! She has faced many challenges in life including being an unwed mother at 19 as well as in 2008 being told to get a walker, bedside commode and expect her life to get worst after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She has experienced both victories and losses and many times has watched her dreams die. Yet she has found a way to rise above it all as she now is an inspirational influencer on many platforms and now the CEO of her own company.

JoyNSpiresU, was formed in June 2020 during the beginning of a turbulent world climate. Joy felt that with her help, she could assist in people making sense of the world around them and keep pushing forward. For over twenty years, Joy has helped church leaders, pastors, and their churches in various ways.

She has aided in their individual developments, as well as the development of those under their care in
understanding and fulfilling their purposes in serving the church.


One-on-One Coaching
Group Coaching
Couples Empowerment
Sunday Morning Sermons
Marriage Events and Special Events
Conference Speaking


Joy wrote her debut book ‘Embrace Grace: Helping You Navigate Through Your Pain and Suffering‘ based upon her own trials and tribulations having been diagnosed with Multiple Schlerosis. Last month was both Women’s History Month and MS Awareness Month which meant that Joy made history herself moving with grace and strength in the face of her diagnosis.

Embrace Grace Book by Joy Briscoe

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