Black Women, Words and Wisdom Book Signing

Black Women, Words and Wisdom Book Signing

Today’s blog post is picture heavy but it cannot compare to the hefty weight of gratitude that I feel for everyone who came out to Barnes and Noble Bookstore on Sunday.

Thank you Gif

I want to say, “Thank You!”

Thank you to Taria Pritchett for coordinating the Black Women, Words and Wisdom Local Author Showcase at Barnes and Noble on Sunday.

Black Women, Words and Wisdom

Thank you to everyone who came out in support of all 10 African American Authors.

Capturing the day in a collage

Thank you to my sister, Veronica and her girlfriend, Idalia, who drove down from Pennsylvania despite them being slightly under the weather.

Thank you to the members of the Black Gold Business Club who STORMED and supported me.

Black Gold Business Club Members
I was STORMED by the Black Gold Business Club!
Black Gold Business Club
Black Gold Business Club Storm
Antoinette Capri and me
Antoinette Capri and me are both authors now!

Thank you to the first married couple, Tee and Derek Alexander who attended one of my first Basic Blogging Classes when they were held at the Bear Public Library for FREE.

Tee and Derek Alexander

Thanks to my younger supporters and previous Podcast Guests: Deborah Olatunji and Jonathan Harris both whom are authors themselves.

Imogene Brown

Thanks to my Facebook friend who drove across the bridge from New Jersey, Imogene Brown, who had to correct my pronunciation of her name – it rhymes with Lima Bean.

Thank you to Dr. Catherine Short who I hadn’t seen in years, from way back when I was a member of the Middletown Area Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you to Cynthia and her fiance Phil who owns the best Catering Company in Delaware – CynPhilDelights

Thanks to the new supporters some of which bought a book from each author to show support including Lennie from New York.

Barnes and Noble Book Signing during African American History Month
Connie Mitchell
Connie from our DEDO Days!

Thanks to the mother daughter duo from Delaware who are aspiring blogger and vlogger that will make a great team!

blogger and vlogger duo from Delaware
young influencer
Future Influencer

Thank you to everyone who wanted to learn more about building their brand with a blog – or share their brand as a member of a Greek Letter organization – there were so many beautiful people who came out on Sunday.

omega and sigma

Thank you to Brandon -aka- The Delaware Weather Guy whose blog has over ten thousand followers and was also a previous student of mine at the Bear Library.

Brandon Doherty, the Delaware Weather Guy

Thank you Melissa for bringing out your mom! It was a pleasure meeting her as well as your handsome son!

Melissa and her mom

Fellow new author and friend Nicolle was having just as much fun as was Tanya who has written two books; she is also my mentor and I have adopted her family as my own.

Nicolle Surrette

Thanks to my sister from another mister, Abundance Child who was my latest Podcast guest and will become a monthly contributor to the blog as she is the Restaurateur of Drop Squad Kitchen and will be sharing some great Vegan recipes

Abundance Child

I sold and signed 27 books and I want to thank everyone who came out in support of us all and congratulations to the winner of the $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card.

book signing
book signing
book signing table
book signing
book signing table
book signing hand out

If you would like to purchase an autographed copy of Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners, please send an email to [email protected] for details or you can order directly by clicking this link


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