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Blog Your Way to a Business Profit Podcast Episode #4 Content Creation

Blog Your Way to a Business Profit Podcast Episode #4 – Content Creation

On this podcast episode #4 of Blog Your Way to a Business Profit the topic was Content Creation Tips.

During the Podcast I reviewed the 3 P’s of blogging; the 3 C’s of blogging; and of course the ABC’s of blogging.

Unlike podcasting where you always have something to say; when you are a blogger writer’s block is real.

Click the show link above to hear the entire episode to get 20+ content creation ideas.

Content Creation Ideas

  1.  Holidays on a calendar
  2.  National calendar
  3.  Local radio and Podcast topics
  4. Magazines, Newspaper, books and movie reviews
  6.  Trending topics on Twitter
  7.  Opinion pieces
  8.  Educational, training and teaching topics
  9.  D I Y
  10.  Instructional blog post
  11.  Product reviews
  12.  Little Known facts
  13.  Funny or Comedy
  14.  Packing and Travel Tips
  15.  Bucket Lists
  16.  Reality versus fantasy
  17.  Time travel
  18.  Gifts, Giveaways and Contests
  19.  Myth versus Facts
  20.  Unsolved mysteries

These are just a few topics that will help with your brain block or to get your brain juices flowing.

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I also offered tips on how to format your blog to keep your readers coming back for more:

  •  Break up your paragraphs
  •  Use images, gifs and memes
  •  Use Power Words in the title
  •  Check your spelling and use Grammarly
  • Check for broken links when repurposing content
  • Always have CTA (call to action)

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