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Poised to Pivot During the Pandemic Part 2

Marketing Monday – Tips on how to Pivot During the Pandemic Part 2 from the Co-Marketing Masters Show

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On this episode of Poised 2 Pivot Part 2 presented by the Co-Marking Masters,  Cathy E. Smith, Daryl Spears and myself we talked about Business Growth Tools and Self Care Tips for when working from home.

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Business Growth Tools

  • Mailerlite: provides a free 1-page website which you can use as a landing page.  You should always include a CTA (call to action) so that you can gather email addresses.  Email addresses are gold so after each Livestream or Facebook post make sure that you have a call to action, for example, “join my list” or “subscribe to our page”.
  • Wishpond: marketing made simple which also helps to track open rates and via Appsumo you can find some lifetime deals as well.
  • Viral Loops: helps you connect with your audience and spark engagement. Run an ongoing referral marketing campaign on Facebook Messenger, people earn bigger prizes the more friends they refer.
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Healthy Tips While Working From Home

  •  Keep a schedule
  •  Leave through one door in your home and enter through another if possible
  •  Do not work in your pajamas
  •  Get-up-and-get dressed
  •  Work in a separate room of the house if possible
  •  Invest in a good chair
  •  Invest in an adjustable desk
  •  Eat healthy
  •  Shut down to reconnect with your family and with yourself
  •  Unplug and unwind so that you can connect with your higher power

If your want your customers to know that you are going to be there; show up healthy!

Click the link below to watch the entire episode and then check out Episode 3 on Thursday at 7 PM EST on the Co-Marketing Master’s Facebook Page.

Don’t lower the bar, keep your standards the same or higher because if you lower your standards your clients will know and it will be reflected in your attitude in your job. 

Check out the line up of podcast hosts over on Elite Conversations Life Talk Radio for some amazing topics on health and wellness for news that you can use during the pandemic.

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