How to boil Plantains

Boiled Plantains for Breakfast – Heart Healthy Way to Start the Day

Lidl (lee-dil) is a new grocery store that opened in Middletown a few weeks ago, and although there is an Aldi and Super Walmart right across the street, I guess one more grocery store won’t hurt – especially if the price is right – and believe me on Grand Opening weekend the prices were right.


Grand Opening at Lidl in Middletown

Although I am originally from New York and had lived with a Jamaican family for a while as well as traveled to many Caribbean Islands, I have never eaten a Plantain.  They are larger and harder than ordinary bananas so I figured they wouldn’t be good – boy was I wrong, not only are they good, they are healthy too.


Plantains are heart healthy

I ran into a fellow Avon Rep, a latina who was buying a few Plantains not only because they were 19 cents each, but she told me that her family loves them and gave me a few recipes to try, which is what I did.  She suggested that I boil and mash them for a heart healthy breakfast cereal.  So I took her advice and added some organic raisins and honey to the recipe and it was delicious!


Heart Healthy Breakfast




1 – Plantain  (ripe yellow)

1 – Cup Organic Raisins

1 – Tablespoon Organic Honey

1 – Stick unsalted Butter

1 – Cup Water

Ground Cinnamon (optional)


Boiled Plantains for Breakfast


  • Peel and dice ripen Plantain – cut off each end for easier skin removal
  • Heat non-stick pan on low heat
  • Add stick of butter and allow to melt 
  • Add Plantain and cook on low for 10-15 minutes
  • Mash until soften
  • Add Organic Raisins and Honey
  • *Add Cup of Water
  • Boil on Low Heat for 20 minutes or until desired consistency
  • Serve with a few sprinkles of Ground Cinnamon (optional)

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* Since this was the first time boiling a Plantain, I realized that you can add the water first which will lessen the cooking time.

Let’s Chat:  Have you ever eaten a Plantain?  If so, how do you prepare it?

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  1. Whitney

    I’ve never tried Plantains, but this recipe looks delicious.

  2. Madam too Much

    Jamaicans eat plenty plantains, boiled, fried and baked. They are great with ackee & saltfish, fried dumplings for breakfast or just baked with butter & cinnamon on top. When they are ripe they are sweet and we slice & fry them in vegetable oil. I just love dem.

    • DelBlogger

      I know and every time I would visit an Island I would want to try them, but never did. Even though I made this at home, I want to try an authentic dish made with Plantains.

  3. Lou (@MissLouMae)

    Plantains are yummy! I’m glad you finally got to try them; you’ve been missing out Sis!


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