Brooke was a Beautiful Blogger

In Memory of Brooke Butler, a Beautiful Blogger, Woman and Friend!

On Wednesday morning while sitting at MOT Storage I received a phone call. That call came as I was anxiously waiting on Move Crew to come and transport our belongings out of storage and into our new home.

However, what started out as an exciting morning turned into heartbreak and anxiety. My mantra, “When You Wake Up Looking Up, Everything Else Is Gravy, Baby” couldn’t have been more true upon receiving that phone call.

You see it was from the sister of Brooke Butler Copher, a wonderful woman who I met when she attended one of my Blogging Workshops a few years ago.

Brooke’s Blog, A Woman’s Work, was where she shared her story of being a single mother of two; one of which was her daughter Sydney who is autistic and her son, Harrison, a High School student and was the wind beneath her wings. Not only was Brooke a Beautiful Blogger she was also a newly published author, an educator, sister, daughter and friend to many!

There are so many things that I can say about Brooke, but to you, I want to ask that during this week of Thanksgiving, please stop, take time to give thanks because if you wake up, looking up, everything else is gravy, baby!

It was an honor to have met Brooke and I am glad that I have this video in memory of her.

I miss you sis!!!!

3 thoughts on “Brooke was a Beautiful Blogger

  1. So young. Prayers to her children and family. This year has taken much from many of us but I pray during this special time of thanks-giving, we can find gratitude despite our grief.

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