Out & About with Antionette and Dr. Sonia Murrey, Founder & CEO of Jump First

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Today’s podcast interview is with Dr. Sonia Murrey

Interview with Dr. Sonia Murrey

Dr. Sonia Murrey, is the founder and CEO of Jump First, a growing organization committed to empowering others to learn, innovate, and execute through various educational programs and coaching services.  Her vision for Jump First is to promote self-discovery and financial freedom while making a lasting impact on the world.

She has experience creating and developing courses for many organizations including universities, training and educational programs, professional staffing firms, nonprofits, other businesses, and individual coaching clients.

Additionally, Dr. Sonia has been teaching with Wilmington University since 2014 and serves on the Behavioral Science, Administration of Human Services, and Ad Hoc Human Trafficking advisory boards. She earned her PhD in Human Services Administration in 2015 and her dissertation is titled “Alleviating Risks of Parental Incarceration through Mentorship”. 

During our interview Dr. Sonia gave us these wise words of wisdom and offered some FREE tools to get started creating your own online course.

  • Immediate action suppresses fear
  • Take massive action and you get the massive return
  • Start by doing
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