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Business Blogging Best Practices – Part 1

Episode #24 Blog Your Way to a Business Profit

Topic: Business Blogging Best Practices – Part 1

Yes, blogging has always been a fun way to share content with others, but if you want to turn your blog into a business you will have to change your blogging approach. 

Today’s topic, Business Blogging Best Practices will help you do just that.  When your blogging has turned from a hobby into a jobby, you will write differently, you will want to consider other’s point of view, mainly your audience who are now your clients and customers.

Previously as a lifestyle blogger, you could mix it up, but now you have to be laser focused on your content taking into consideration how your audience will be using and perusing your blog.

What is more, you have to think about how you can reach an audience. You have to do all the necessary tasks to reach a larger audience, even when you are starting out. You may not see instant results from some of your efforts, but they are necessary to have a chance to succeed in the long run – blogging is not a sprint, it is a marathon, which is one of the first statements in my Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners Book, which can be purchased directly from my blog,

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Today we are going to focus on Best Practices for a Business Blog, I am only covering 6, as there are many more, but these 6 will get you started.

  1. Stay on topic – what is the purpose, goal or actually what is the pain point that you are solving for your readers?  Whatever it is, you have to stay focused and concentrate on one main topic so that your audience don’t get confused and you can clearly explain what your blog is about.   
  2. Focus on your audience/readers – remember that the ultimate goal to to provide information for a specific target audience and you shouldn’t be turning your blog into a “me me me diary”
  3. Schedule and Show Up – in other words, your scheduled content, whether is once per week or multiple times per week, your content should be of value to your audience and you should have a schedule that is consistent as your audience will be looking for it as you grow and build – however, make sure you are creating high quality content which is much is better than low value content in quantity – don’t just push out content for no purpose to your clients.
  4. Pain Point Solutions – people are coming to your blog for a purpose, you are providing a solution to their pain points so inspire, engage, educate and address their comments, provide hints, tips and solutions
  5. Promote Promote Promote – writing content is just one part of building a business blog, but promotion is the most important part of your blogging career.  Google Analytics, SEO, building traffic and not believing in the “one and done” principal.  Use syndicating/automating apps like PromoRepublic, MeetEdgar and Buffer.
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6. Build an Email List in the Beginning – You should begin to build an email list from the beginning of your blogging career.  Don’t wait, these emails are Gold and they become part of your sales funnel. 

If the FREE social media platforms disappear, ie, TikTok and you have built your business solely on these platforms, then you will lose your base.  Having email lists and using newsletters to engage with your readers is vital, it’s a way to turn subscribers into buyers.

Click this link to listen to the entire episode then share which best practice you have put into place.

2 thoughts on “Business Blogging Best Practices – Part 1

  1. These are fantastic tips. Thank you. Just starting to turn my blog into a business, and it’s actually a little frightening to be honest. Lol. But thanks for laying it out like this.

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