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Business Blogging Best Practice Tips Part 2

Last week, on the Blog Your Way to a Business Profit Podcast I covered 6 Business Blogging Best Practice Tips and I invite you to listen to that episode if you haven’t done so already because today I am giving you the final four Business Blogging Best Practice Tips Part 2.

As you know, blogging is a great way to share content with others, build a brand and be considered a Subject Matter Expert -aka- SME. When you are building your blog into a business, you know, turning it from a hobby into a jobby, you really have to be strategic and focused on not only creating good content consistently, but that of attracting an audience so that you can broaden your brand and expand your exposure online.

1. Power of Headlines

Do you remember standing in the line at the grocery store waiting to check out and you look over to see those “rag mags” some with outrageous headlines that pique your interest…”women gives birth to baby with 3 heads”! Yeah right, you know it can’t be true but curiosity has gotten the best of you so you pick it up and start to read.

Now, I am not saying that you have to create outrageous headlines such as this or click and bait headlines which definitely is a no-no, I am simply stating that your headline should draw attention and contain keywords that when searched are found and your post is relevant to the reader.

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If your headline fails to capture the attention of your readers, your best content will never be read.  I suggest you write the content first before even giving it a title as something better may suit the article. You should also install the Yoast plugin if you are using WordPress as it will “grade” your title using the 100 percent tabulation, ie. 76/100, you want it to be higher than 50% so play around with your titles.

2. Backlinking Previous Posts

As a blogger, you publish posts on a regular basis and over time that means that you will have a lot of content and most likely, there are topics that are related or are similar or may even contain content with additional information from a previous post.

This is why backlinking very important and it comes in handy by simply adding the internal hyperlink to a previous posts will give it more juice and bring it back into circulation. 

Google loves this, and the more “Google Juice” that you have gives you more chances of being found and it helps to keep readers on your blog longer if they click the back link. 

Never let your posts fade away and die, especially if they are Evergreen.  Links from older posts into new posts gives you more SEO and Google Juice and who doesn’t love Google?

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3. Use Images

Humans have the attention span that is less than a Goldfish and we love bright shiny objects which is why you should never publish a piece of content with images.  If you do not add images the post may never get read.  Remembering as kids in school, I know I wasn’t the only one who liked to look at the captions before reading the text.  We are just wired that way – humans are visual learners and you need images on social media to stop the scroll.

However, make sure you use images that are Royalty Free. Here is an article on FREE Foto Sites to use for your blog (backlink – wink wink). 

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4. Create a Calendar and Follow a Routine

Blogging consists of some recurring tasks that are routine so you should create a calendar or checklist that will help you stay organized.  Publishing a post, then posting to social media sites, checking for and responding to comments, sending emails and newsletters are just a few of these tasks that should be done daily and weekly.

So when you are first starting out creating a calendar and following a routine will make all the difference. Remember this is no longer a hobby, it’s a jobby and it should be treated as such.  You should have a regular schedule to keep your tasks on target and it will make running your blog a better business.

Again, if you missed Episode #24 of Blog Your Way to a Business Profit, click this link to listen in then share it with a friend!

Do you have any Business Blogging Best Practices to share? If so, leave a comment below.

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