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Business Blogs – Personal Can Be Professional

When building a brand online, especially a professional brand, don’t be afraid to be real – yes, personal can be professional.  Remember, people don’t go to social media to be sold to, they go to socialize.

If you haven’t added blog posts to your website then you are missing an opportunity to connect with your clients and customers, both current and prospective especially in today’s climate.

Personal relationships have always played a major role in getting new business. The way in which people interact especially via social media, has had a long lasting and profound impact on the quality and longevity of a business relationship. 

More and more business owners are realizing that the extra personal interaction online can help to reinforce and build relationships. It keeps you in touch and keeps you top of mind.

Social media is all about connecting with your audience and this connection grows stronger when you add blog posts because your followers will want more than just a few words on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and they don’t want it to be all business.

A great business blog doesn’t sell. Instead, it shows customers why they should do business with you and not your competitors.

However, for most, there is still a level of uncertainty as to what types of blog posts businesses should include on their website or social media platforms.  

The question for many business owners becomes “how personal should I be? So what exactly is the importance of sharing personality when it comes to marketing?

Click below to listen to episode #30 of the Blog Your Way to a Business Profit Podcast to hear how business blogs can be personal and professional.

There are many ways in which to create blog posts that are personal yet professional and with consistency that can expand and broaden your brand online and build trust and likability so that when prospective clients are ready to buy, they think of you and are ready to give you a try.

If you are interested in increasing your online exposure, while establishing yourself as an expert in your industry, then you will definitely want to take advantage of blogging as a marketing strategy. 

To learn more about blogging please send an email to [email protected] with any questions you may have about getting started.

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4 thoughts on “Business Blogs – Personal Can Be Professional

  1. Good morning and thank you very much for this excellently pointed article. Yes, regular business can tolerate the inclusion of “the personal” especially if it is done in a respectful, affectionate way. That is a subject I deal with extensively in my upcoming new book (doing the editing of the final galley proofs now) because the surge of feminine participation in the higher echelons of the workforce has brought a needed dose of “soft power” to the business entreaties. And I do not mean that they “have gone soft” On the contrary. By exercising more suave influencing in business and professional encounters ,women are able to get more long term sustainable results than the traditional “macho approach of yore.” When we, most innocent men, come out of a meeting where one of those strong ladies has bewitched us, we might even have the satisfying impression that “it was our idea.” Bollocks. It never was. It never is. Have you seen the delicate maneuvering of “Kamalita La Douce”, our elect Vice-Presidential candidate? That bitcha will convince you to swallow a cup of arsenic with the sweetest of smiles. Cheers!
    Un baccione. Arrivederci.

    1. Awesome, congratulations for the upcoming release of your new book!!

      Yes, business have to take a different approach especially in today’s toxic environment.

      Hope all is well in your world.

  2. Thank you for this great piece. There is just no too much reminding that personality and being personal and incredibly important as well as incredible tools to set oneself apart from the crowd!

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