How to Get More Podcast Listeners Using LinkedIn

Did you know that you can get more listeners on LinkedIn for your podcast than Facebook and Twitter?

Did you know that you can get more guests from LinkedIn for your podcast than from Facebook and Twitter?

Did you know that you should be promoting your podcast more on LinkedIn than on Facebook and Twitter?

The answer to these questions should be YES YES & YES!

If you are a podcaster and are doing this professionally, yes, like turning a hobby into a jobby, then one of the best platforms in which to promote your show is on LinkedIn.

With all the changes with the Facebook algorithms, and the constant trash talking on Twitter, you may want to spend more time on LinkedIn, with not only promoting your podcast, but also in making connections for guests and sponsors as well as speaking engagements and paid gigs.

How to Get More Podcast Listeners Using LinkedIn

If your podcast is designed to help others in their industries, then you need to include that in your profile summary.

For example when you land on my LinkedIn profile, under my picture are the keywords:

Social Media Manager?Author?Award-winning Blogger ?TV/Podcast Host ?Professional Speaker?Branding Specialist ?

So right away you know that I am a Podcast Host.  My articles not only include my blog posts about podcasting, but also the links to the show for listening.

My About Me clearly reads: As a Professional Speaker, Coach, and Adjunct Instructor I train others on how to start a blog and or a podcast. As the CEO of A. Blake Enterprises I help business owners with their social media marketing & branding strategies to effectively engage with their target market audience…. see more

My Experience also includes “podcast host”

Featured Media includes the cover art for both of my podcasts, “Blog Your Way to a Business Profit” and the “Delaware Blogger Podcast” with clickable links to the show directories.

So you can plainly see that I am promoting myself as a podcast host and when I post, I also use the appropriate hashtags, #podcast #podcaster #podcasthost #podcastlife #delawarepodcaster

This is definitely a much better way in which to not only promote your podcast, but to also connect with potential guests for your show which is how I found most of mine for the “Out and About with Antionette” and ”Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger” podcasts.  I still get offers for guests via LinkedIn and outside of Facebook groups and communities that is the only means of contact I have made for guests.

Think of Linkedin as your 24/7 365 Chamber of Commerce where you can reach out to others who may be a great fit for your podcast and are professionals in what they do, as you can check from their profiles, which is far more extensive than a Facebook or Twitter bio.

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Listen to this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast to learn more ways in which to get more podcast listeners using LinkedIn then leave a comment to let me know if you’ve noticed an increase in your listenership.

I want to know what you think, please leave a comment and share with your circle.

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