Can A Landline Save Lives During a Disaster?

A few weeks ago I posted a pic of the hard-wired landline telephone in my home office and asked if anyone still had one.  I got several comments of “yes” but many more “nos” which surprised me considering all of the natural disasters occurring these days, more specifically the hurricanes.  I get it, it’s cheaper just to have one phone and that is a Smartphone, but what happens when the grids go down?


home phone


I am not ashamed to admit that in addition to our family’s four Smartphones, we still have hard-wired phones installed at home and two different telephone numbers.  The “house phone” number is one that we’ve had for over 25 years, however, only solicitors and my aunt from Virginia calls on that line.  I also have a landline telephone with my business number in the library -aka- mommy’s office which was installed years ago when I was employed by IBM and worked from home.


To save money, I have been thinking about deleting the telephone number for the house phone but it’s still attached to our security system with Slomin, besides, if there ever were a Zombie Apocalypse and the telephone poles went down and we lost electricity for hours, how would we be able to connect to the outside world?  


I am joking, of course, however, during Hurricane Harvey, there were a few people with landlines who were able to assist others during this natural disaster and they probably helped save lives and prevent major losses for many.


flooding during hurricane harvey


Although it’s not hard-wired, the landline is making sort of a comeback and with IoT you can now use Google Home and Alexa on Amazon Echo and the Dot to make phone calls.  Unfortunately, these devices won’t have their own telephone number nor will they support 911 calls, however, you will still be able to use it in the home as if it were a landline.  


Adding more features to these devices including Facetime is providing more options to be connected to our family and friends eliminating the need to use our Smartphone or keep a hardwired landline, however, because there won’t be a number associated with it caller id will show as “unknown”.

I can’t wait for the kids to learn how to prank call using Alexa or Google Home, remember when dialing and hanging up was weekend fun…just wait until the younger generation asks Alexa to call Sears and says  “is your refrigerator running?”


Let’s Chat: Do you still have a hardwired landline or are you a mobile phone only family?



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11 thoughts on “Can A Landline Save Lives During a Disaster?

  1. Landlines can DEFINITELY save lives during and after a disaster. I bought an “old fashioned” phone for my mom before hurricanes Irma and Maria, precisely for that reason. All she had was “modern” electronic cordless phones and OFCOURSE her smart phone. NONE of those would be helpful during or after a disaster when power and mobile service is often the first to go! I encouraged several other family members to invest in an “old fashioned” phone to use their landlines during and after the storm. The all took my advice, and now they are all GLAD that they did.

  2. I have been thinking about having a landline but then ,,,would l get a special rate just because it would not be use as much, l would have to wait until l get home to listen to any messages . I couldn’t see any one or to send messages l need an extra machine……. nah. I don’t think so l will stay with my iPhone ?

  3. I have a land line and tucked away an old phone. My problem is I need to get the phone plugged in or at leas tout from it’s hiding spot to be disaster ready.

  4. We have a hard wired landline (from when we moved into our house 30 plus years ago) but a newer phone – still hardwired – and if that phone quits, I’d like o get another one like it. BUT the phone service is through our cable company so is it truly a landline? I’d really like to know, because doesn’t the cable phone service come over the Internet?

    1. Yes, I am assuming that a landline is any phone that is plugged into the wall with a dial tone when the receiver is picked up. I doubt it would go down unless the cable company goes down.

  5. I switched cable companies a while back and I decided to get rid of my landline phones because the only calls that we received were either wrong #’s or from telemarketers. But on the other hand, I guess that it would make sense to have a landline phone in the house that could be used as a back up as long as the power is up and running. Good point.

    1. Thanks Dottie, I am very hesitant about getting rid of both landlines because if the power goes out for an extended period of time, the only way to charge the cell phone would be in the car.

  6. Yes, we still have landline. Hubby insists, saying in case of emergency our cell phones might not work.

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