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Do You Remember When a Dime Bag Lasted All Week?


The other day I went to the grocery store and walked past the candy aisle and couldn’t believe my eyes – what happened to the good old days when you could buy a bag of candy on the cheap?  Do you remember when a dime bag lasted all week?


Halloween Candy


My great-grandfather, Lee McDowell, owned a small General Store in Canton, North Carolina and I remember when his grands and great grands from New York would head Down South to visit.  Every time we went into the store he would let us fill up a bag of candy and only pay one thin dime.  I doubt today you could find a piece of candy in any store for a dime, let alone a full bag of candy!


candy for kids


As you prepare for the Halloween season, do you buy candy on the cheap or do you buy the large full-size candy bars to hand out to the Tricker Treaters?  Oh, and do you remember those orange cardboard boxes and kids saying, “Trick or Treat for Unicef?” collecting pennies for the less fortunate – do they still do that in your area?


full size candy bar


I bet you thought this post was about something else, didn’t you! 


Happy Wayback Wednesday



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7 thoughts on “Do You Remember When a Dime Bag Lasted All Week?

  1. Ahhh those were the days!! I don’t buy full size candy bars for Halloween, but I ALWAYS hand out chocolate! I’m sure the other dime bags aren’t what they used to be either. Haha!

    1. We stopped giving out candy after the boys got older, and now most of the kids on our street no longer head out either. I just keep the lights off and watch “Halloween”

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