Caring for Children with Special Needs

All parents who are in search of child care are looking for someone who provides consistent, loving and quality care for their child. But if you have a child with special needs, you may have to ask more, and different, questions in order to find a provider that suits your requirements.


You’ll want to find a child-care provider who has experience working with kids with special needs, who understands the challenges of working with them, and who knows how to adapt activities as needed. Most of all, you’ll want to find a provider willing to work with you to meet the needs of your child.


There are more parents of special needs kids now and according to a National Center for Education Statistics report, the number of special-needs children ages 3 to 5 who are helped under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act has nearly doubled in the last two decades.



On this Podcast, my special guest was Michelle Campbell, owner of Back2Basics Day Care which is a center that specializes in caring for kids with special needs.  We discussed the questions parents should ask when searching for a center that will be a good fit for them and the family. 

Click this link to hear the entire interview. 

Resources for Families:

  • Autism Delaware, Heidi Mizell, 302-224-6020 x206 
  • SSI – 
  • State Assistance for PCO/SNAP/Food Stamps and Medicaid 
  • Prompt and Play LLC – Socialization Therapy 302-691-5658
  • Respite Care through Brennon School/School District


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