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Collect The Cash!

Dee Bowden is the creator and author of Collect the Cash and Founder of BCS Solutions. She works with small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to solve their cash flow problems. 

After collecting $6 Million dollars in 60 days while working for a small IT company, Dee recognized small businesses can also fall prey to revenue loss because they don’t collect the outstanding invoices.  Her revenue recovery strategies have been featured in Forbes, VIP Global, and Black Enterprise Magazines.

Dee and I met virtually on LinkedIn, which we both agreed is by far the best place to connect with other professional people.  It was truly an honor to interview Dee who has so much information, knowledge and energy to share!

Dee is originally from Boston and currently lives in the great state of Maryland. Here are a few fun facts about Dee: she love Ferris Wheels, Smooth Jazz and great wines both red and white! 


Collect the Cash!


Fifteen plus years ago Dee worked for a small IT company from which she got fired, but not before collecting six million dollars in 60 days and only working there part-time.  Unfortunately, they were closing the company and had to let her and the entire team go two months before Christmas.

Yes, she lost her job, lost her income but after Dee calmed down, she was like okay, “I got this,” however, knowing that it could happen again as we all saw in 2020.  When the pandemic hit, not only did the world get shut down, major companies started going out of business. Stores like Payless Shoes, Charming Charlie and Kmart and yes, even Broadway shut down.

So when Dee saw the shut down of these stores, it was as if she was watching her own story happening over and over again but in many other industries, and affecting so many people who found themselves in her position.  In the midst of all this she told the story to her Book Coach who responded that if  she collected $6 million dollars for one small company, she definitely could teach others on how to do the same!

Collect the Cash!

Dee and I continued the podcast conversation and how to collect the cash as a small business owner or entrepreneur by using some of the blueprints from other major companies especially mobile phone companies.  So if you’re having a problem and perhaps are feeling uncomfortable about how to collect the money from your clients, continue to listen to this podcast interview with Dee for tips on how to do so and then make sure to purchase a copy of her book, Collect The Cash.


“Conversation, Contract, Payment Terms, Invoicing, Payment – NO PAYMENT – Conversation”


“You have to commit to your business and collect the cash as this is not a “I Dream of Jeannie” generation – Believe in yourself and be great!”

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