Get Out and Vote for Corrine Upshur in Smyrna







Corrine Upshur is running for Smyrna Town Council in District 2

If you are still unsure about Corrine, please take a listen to my podcast interview with her to learn more about her platform, then head out and vote!


Corrine Wilson-Upshur is an accomplished Mental Health Therapist who looks to make a difference in the lives of her clients, helping them through life’s problems. Her passionate work is inspired by the need to de-stigmatize mental health, ensuring that people have adequate access to resources to help them grow, and manage their emotions. 

Corrine’s strong desire to bring healing to those who have experienced traumatic and stressful situations has led to the development of Different Views of Hues, LLC. As the CEO and Founder, her goal is to empower, support, and provide women of color a comfortable space to openly discuss topics such as: mental health and wellness; colorism; relationships; careers; goals; growth; wealth management; and a plethora of other topics. 

“It is paramount to set and achieve personal goals, but we must remember to help others along on the road to our success,” expressed Wilson-Upshur. “Different Views of Hues is dedicated to helping Women of Color. If your sister’s crown is tilted, it is your responsibility to help fix it for her.”

In the past 20 years, Corrine has successfully worked as a Licensed Behavior Specialist, Foster Care Supervisor, as well as a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. When not at work, you can catch Corrine teaching a class or two, to reach a bigger audience. She recently taught classes on Separating and Divorce, which is mandated by the State of Delaware in an effort to provide parents with the best tools to manage this often-difficult situation.

Corrine also finds time to volunteer through organizations including the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Inc., DE Chapter (NCBW), Smyrna-Clayton Rotary Club, and Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League-Guild. Corrine is also a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc.


Corrine UpShur


Her education includes a PhD with a Specialization in Psychology, a Master of Science in Community Psychology, and a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. She also possesses a Certificate in Child Sex Abuse Trauma, a Certificate in Embodied Social Justice and is a Board-Certified Human Services Professional.

Corrine is currently running for political office looking to represent the newly formed District 2 in Smyrna.

In a town of over 12,000 people less than 400 people came out to vote last year and she is hoping that will change this year.

Many are apathetic and Corrine is working hard to encourage people to make their voices heard as they are all part of the larger community in Smyrna.  We need everyone of voting age to be active because there are a lot of events and activities that affect us and our families directly. 

Corrine’s platform has been on increasing and strengthening recreational services for children and families. We need it because not only are there children that don’t have an after-school program to attend, they also don’t have a summer program to attend either. 


Antionette Blake and Corrine Upshur



During our podcast interview we continued the conversation about her platform and why she doesn’t want any more silos in Smyrna, as it’s time for all to tap in.  Stating that we should all share our resources so we can help our community.

Last year one of Smyrna’s signature events was a Juneteenth Celebration held at the George Wright, Jr.,  Municipal Park, who was Smyrna’s first black Mayor and it’s being held again this year.. 

Corrine will meet with constituents as she needs them to tell her what their needs are; she wants to know what’s missing in their households; she needs to know what’s missing in their child’s education and how she can help them. 

Corrine is working hard and is going to make sure that every time she posts on social media, or whenever she meets people in person, she will be asking “are you registered to vote?”

She also encourages others to support Smyrna’s small businesses keeping the money in Smyrna, so that these small businesses won’t go out of business. There are small restaurants, massage parlors, and boutiques that need our support, especially black-owned businesses such as Sweets and Treats.  Town transparency is also important as well as having a succession plan because we are in a small rural town. 

There are also three people running against Corrine, but she feels that she is the best choice because she has lived in Smyrna for 19 years. She has sat and watched the town grow, observed and taken notes so she knows that she can make the changes needed.

Corrine is willing to volunteer her time to help the residents of Smyrna, which is key. She is not looking for a title, she wants people to know that she is dedicating her time to give back so she  can advocate for what residents are telling her.  

Voting is on Tuesday, April 25th, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Corrine and I are encouraging everyone to get out and vote.  Voting takes place at Smyrna Town Hall, located at 27 Market Street in Smyrna. Delaware, right down the street from the post office. 

Corrine was endorsed by State Representative Sherry Dorsey Walker which is truly an honor and Corrine is excited as they share similar viewpoints and visions.

Corrine’s WOW was a quote from Malcolm X. You can never reach a man, if you don’t speak his language.  You have to find out what this man speaks and once you know his language, learn how to speak his language and he’ll get the point. There’ll be some dialogue.”

That’s what she is trying to do. She is trying to learn a language, so we can have some dialogue, so we can get to the next level together.






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