Coming in 2020 : Out & About with Antionette Season 2

Wow can you believe that it’s almost a new year and a new decade! Time sure flies when you’re having fun and I trust you all had many good times in 2019.

So before we turn the page on the calendar let’s share some of the great events that occurred in 2019.

Yes, I want you to leave a comment so we can celebrate those good times together!

Let me begin by thanking and celebrating all my 2019 Podcast guests and I am getting so excited as I prepare for Out & About with Antionette Season 2.

Out & About with Antionette Season 2 Promo

If you missed any of the episodes, click the link below to take a listen, then make sure to subscribe so that you won’t miss any in 2020.

Okay, now get to sharing those wonderful memories from 2019!

4 thoughts on “Coming in 2020 : Out & About with Antionette Season 2

  1. Well, I had my first interview in 2019-with you! Two of my blog posts were also featured on Traffic Jam Thursday! I need to get back to that…This year, I saw more business goals reached, more goals made, and lots of growth. I hope to continue that upswing and make more great memories in 2020 while learning to balance my career, my side hustle, and time to rejuvenate and reflect. That was a mouthful!

    1. Yes, it was so much fun interviewing you on the Delaware Blogger Podcast on AnchorFM and hope for another one in the new year under my new production company on Blog Talk Radio.

      I not only look forward to reading more of your posts at the Linky Party but even more seeing beautiful photos of your future clients.

      Happy New Year!

  2. You had so many events that were cable ready. Kudos!! I had a great year and my biggest goal was to get a small house for my Son. And I did that. I’m just going to cruise into the new year and stay afloat. Happy 2020 Sis!

    1. Yes, it was fun and look forward to growing the Podcast and TV Show. I know you had fun with your son’s new home as we did moving into ours.

      Continue rockin those gorgeous outfits and have a wonderful New Year!

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