Cultivating Creativity in Our Kids in School and At Home


Cultivating Creativity in Our Kids in School and At Home


It wasn’t too long ago that art education in schools was thought to be a luxury, and then art classes were cut from the curriculum to make room for more time to prepare for standardized tests. Currently, there is more and more information that shows how crucial the arts are to creating well-rounded, well-prepared learners and leaders.  Cultivating creativity in our kids is not only important in the schools but at home as well.




On this Podcast, my specials guests are a father-son duo, Demitrius, and Bryce Bullock, artists, illustrators and authors from Wilmington, Delaware. 9-year old Bryce is preparing for his first signing as he launches his comic book, “Daddy Long Legs and the Inchworm” and Demetrius is preparing to play the role of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in the Stageplay, “The Meeting”




To see more of Demitrius’ work, head over to Artzscape, which is located at 205 North Market Street in Wilmington, Delaware.   His Instagram account is demitrius_motion_bullock and the Websites are: and


Let’s Chat: Do you remember when art education was an important part of the classroom curriculum?


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