“Mother to the Rescue” – Customer Satisfaction is Key To Building a Successful Business!


Customer Satisfaction is Key To Building a Successful Business!

If you follow my other social media channels, especially Facebook, then you would have seen the television set that our son ordered before the holidays and received damaged after the holidays.




Needless to say, Malik was very disappointed and when I got home he and his father were sitting at the foot of his bed staring at it as if he lost his best friend.  It wasn’t the fact that it took several weeks for the order to arrive, and when it did, it was unusable he was most upset thinking that he had also lost his money.




But nope, because it was “MOTHER TO THE RESCUE” – yes, my son calls me “mother” not “mommy and has been since he was able to talk.  


Anywho, I immediately checked out the website and emails that he received and contacted Customer Service.  If I said, I was disappointed in their response, I would be lying because their Customer Service was on point and after sending the pics and invoice number, he received a refund in a matter of days.




In today’s world, getting good customer service should always be number one and if you run a business it should be #1 on your to-do list, however, if you are a smaller company or one without manpower to stay on top of your customer funnel, then User IQ is a company that can assist.


UserIQ is more than just messaging and alerts. It is the first and only Customer Growth Platform™, empowering SaaS companies to foster growth beyond the funnel. From onboarding and retention to expansion and advocacy, UserIQ combines user intelligence, targeted engagements, and customer health to deliver what each customer needs to be successful, wherever they are in their journey. And successful customers mean reduced churn, increased lifetime value, and fewer customer support calls.


UserIQ features and benefits are strategically aligned to give each team access to the data, engagements, and foresight they need to accelerate customer and platform growth.  One of the many features of UserIQ is: they can monitor customer behaviors;  chart a course for correction; uncover customer’s needs to avoid frustration, speak to customers where they are most likely to be listening all of which will help to optimize your ROI.


In today’s world, B2B and B2C marketing are taking a back seat to H2H marketing, and the needs of the consumers must be in the forefront.  To avoid a Facebook or Twitter tirade companies need to invest in the software that allows them to stay on top of their client’s engagement, otherwise, disaster can strike.


To learn more about UserIQ, head over to their website to request a Trial Demo to see what UserIQ can do for your business, giving yourself a piece of mind and avoiding having a “MOTHER TO THE RESCUE” incident. 


Let’s Chat >  Have you ever placed an order online only to receive it late and damaged?  What was the outcome?

8 thoughts on ““Mother to the Rescue” – Customer Satisfaction is Key To Building a Successful Business!

  1. Thank Goodness for “Mother”. I have not had any damaged items recently. But, I know how disappointed the younger Mister felt. Motherhood is a job that we can never retire from and we always have to stand firm.

    1. Yes, you should have seen his face – he looked like he was 3 again – lol. Now we have to figure out how to discard it – right now there’s a large box with a broken 55″ tv in our dining room!

  2. I remember seeing this pic on social media thinking Oh my word, that’s awful! I’m glad mother was able to work it out!

    1. Yes, me too, however, now we have to figure out how to discard it. They refunded his money but didn’t make as suggestions on picking it up…I’ll keep you posted.

  3. I remember when you posted the picture of the tv. I’m glad he got a refund, but I don’t understand why they didn’t have you ship it back.

    Yes, good customer service is vital for businesses. If I come across bad service, I complain about them on my social networks and more than likely not return. And you’re right, a system like UserIQ is needed this day in age.


    1. I know right, not sure how to get rid of this thing without having to pay for it. I truly believe that it was packaged and shipped damaged AND I don’t know why they wouldn’t think it wouldn’t be noticed!!!

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