Fly Away Fantasy to Kalu Yala


Fly Away Fantasy to Kalu Yala


Last year in August, hubby and I was able to get away for a long weekend to celebrate our 27th Wedding Anniversary,   It was just a quick trip to Ocean City, Maryland, however, I have often thought about getting away further for a longer period of time.


To be honest with you, I would love to be able to pick up, pack up and enjoy a Fly Away Fantasy!




Have you ever thought about selling or storing all of your belongings, filling a backpack and just flying away to an island for a slower pace of life? I think we all have at one time or another, especially in today’s environment.  


Can you imagine going off-the-grid, everything being powered by the tropical sun; meals grown in a food forest?  Listening to a jungle orchestra and sleeping on hammocks under the stars with a negative carbon footprint?




Sit back and think about this for a minute and let me know if you could see you and your loved one unplugging and relocating to the Kula Yala.  Head over to their Facebook page and check out a few of their videos and take a few minutes to enjoy a mental vacation.



As most of you know, hubby retired two years ago and he can’t wait for me to do the same and the more I see how much he’s enjoying it, the more I can’t wait to sign my papers.  What excites me the most about retiring from the corporate 9-5 is being an encore entrepreneur, a social media manager, where I can do my work anywhere in the world.


Going off the grid is one thing, but true sustainability does not exist unless it creates jobs, which makes Kalu Yala a launchpad for any new businesses. Startups and new businesses can serve the local community as well as products and services can be exported to the world.   


In Kula Yala, there is an incubator and funding ramp designed to cater exclusively to young or local entrepreneurs. To provide this unique platform, Kalu Yala has partnered with seasoned investors, bringing funds from Silicon Valley right to their jungle valley.




I can imagine that there are many opportunities for many, from college graduates to seasoned grandparents, so head over to their Facebook page, check it out today and let me know if Kalu Yala should be added to our “bucket list”.

7 thoughts on “Fly Away Fantasy to Kalu Yala

  1. It’s gorgeous…truly. And would be great for a SHORT getaway. But, as the Queen of Allergic Rhinitis/Hay Fever/Anything-in-the-Air, going off the grid for me is sitting on the patio! Um, well maybe not totally off the grid…I can pick up the wifi out there! ??

  2. I would love to add this to my bucket list. We loved Hawaii and have fond memories. Traveling is something my husband and I love to do. I do know I couldn’t LIVE off the grid, but admire those that do.

    1. Oh, I would love to travel to Hawaii, however, I really don’t like flying and that seems like a looooong time to be in the air. Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday.

  3. I thought I had heard about all fun places to travel, now you found somewhere I never heard of. Thanks Sis!! Going off grid is not for me. Been there done that when I lived in St Mary, Jamaica. If it does not have all the comforts of a resort, no can do. . .

    1. Gurl, with all your travels, I am sure there are many places that I’ve never heard of and will only be able to travel there vicariously through you. Take care sis!

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