De-Cluttering and Organizing Your Virtual and Physical Space

How many email addresses do you have?  Between my personal email addresses, my work email address and my businesses email addresses, I have too many, actually there are 5 and sometimes when I open up one of these accounts, I get heart palpitations!

I literally have to schedule time to unsubscribe to the sites that I may have signed up for to get info or free products to promote on my blog because they have sold my email address and next thing I know I am getting emails from companies that I would never ever have subscribed too – no I don’t need a date with a Russian woman and no, we don’t need a prescription for the little blue pill – please!

Some people can clear out their entire inboxes out in one sitting and if you are one of those – I applaud you, but if you are like me, listen to a few tips on how to cut down the email clutter!

Special guest is Kelly Jones, owner of The Cleaning Girl, Inc.

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