Flying in the 60's

Do You Remember When Flying Was Fun?

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I recently saw an Instagram post showing a roomy airplane flight from the 60’s which reminded me of this post that I had written in 2015.


Flying in the 60's


If you are of a particular age, a boomer and beyond such as myself, then you will remember when flying was fun and exciting as well as a somewhat glamorous adventure.   We would dress up in our finest to board a large airplane, we never once traveled in jeans, sneakers, sweat suits or shorts.


dressing up to fly


We could never have imagined that we would have to remove our shoes, belt, jacket, coat, coins, keys, wallet, jewelry and now Smartphones, and place them in a plastic bin to be x-rayed.  Then walk through a scanner with hands held high for a full body scan only to get patted down by a TSA agent. 

All of this makes flying less fun and much more stressful and sometimes downright embarrassing and with all of this being done hours before actually having an opportunity to board the plane!


body scanners at the airport


Passengers are now herded onto too small planes like cattle, charged more to check a bag and given miniature food items that should be part of a kid’s board game. A few sips from a can of soda to keep your mouth from becoming dry as the Sahara while praying there will be no turbulence.


No more hot meals, cold sandwiches, fruit and cheese platters or even headphones unless you are willing to pay extra for them…oh and by the way…


flying in the 70's


there will be no cash or Travelers Cheques (remember them) payments, transactions are now made with a swipe or tap of a credit card.


pay for oxygen


Granted, not all the changes to air travel have been bad, at least there’s no more on-board smoking!  Yep, I was one of those nicotine-addicted passengers who would sit in the back, puffing away due to the nervousness and anxiety of flying. 

However, the excessive fees, multiple city stops, too small seats and tiny bathrooms definitely makes flying less fun but it hasn’t stopped millions of people from doing so on a daily basis and we too are looking forward to flying in a few months for a family vacation – how about you?



smoking on the plane


Do you remember when flying was fun?





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