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Delaware Beach Brews by Coffee Rendezbrew

I recently interviewed Wanda Guyton on an episode of my podcast, “Out & About with Antionette

Wanda Guyton is the proud owner of Coffee Rendezbrew, a coffee company dedicated to providing freshly roasted, delicious coffee, loose leaf teas and gourmet sugars to consumers across the nation. 


At a very young age, Wanda fell in love with the taste of coffee; her mother brewed coffee all of the time and she would sneak sips of her coffee when her mother wasn’t looking.  At the age of 14, she started working at a Call Center through a work study program. She’d rush to work from school and the first thing she would do was run to the coffee machine and buy a cup of coffee. Wanda drank her coffee black because she didn’t like the way the cream blopped down in the cups.  She actually enjoyed drinking black coffee and to this day, that’s how she drinks her coffee.


Even at a young age, she knew that she always wanted to have a coffee business.  In her 20’s, she started the process of owning a coffee shop with her best friend.  They were both married with small children and their dreams were placed on hold because life just got in the way.  Fast forward 20+ years through a lot of hard work, setbacks and encouragement, she decided to start all over again. 


In 2014, Wanda migrated to Sussex County from Atlanta to work for a Healthcare system and fell in love with the area and all that coastal living has to offer. Years later, she consulted with a master coffee roaster who taught her all the things that she didn’t know about coffee, roasting, storing and distributing.


She developed all of her blends from tastes she liked and created every name and designed all of the labels and website. Of course, she states that there was a lot in between – “I’ll have to write a book about that one day – but the result of my dream and passion for coffee is reality and I like to talk about it.”

Wanda Guyton


Coffee Rendezbrew has 18 coffee varieties, and can be ordered on Amazon but the Beach Brews from Delaware are dear to Wanda’s heart. They are a creative combination of her love, experiences, observation, and communication with others about Bethany, Dewey, Lewes and Rehoboth.


The flavors for each coffee:

  1. Rehoboth Beach – The flavors of cinnamon, pralines & pecan remind her of a carnival and forever fun! Downtown Rehoboth is just that for everyone – young and old.  When you consider the ice cream, donut and candy shops galore in Rehoboth, these are the 3 flavors prominent in everything considered “candied, fun & forever”.  
  2. Lewes – Chocolate, Caramel, Sweet Cream Vanilla. Lewes is all things calm and peaceful.  Chocolate, caramel, and vanilla are comfort foods. These flavors are reminiscent of walking down 2nd street and enjoying the beauty of the quaint boutiques and restaurants. The mood in Lewes is definitely different from any other town, it reminds her to enjoy the little things in life that come and go. 
  3. Dewey Beach – Full of action and known for its fun, fun, fun – especially its nightlife! Dewey caters to the party crowd, lol.  She felt “bourbon” would be befitting to this crowd, so bourbon & pecan with a kick of spice was the creation. 
  4. Bethany Beach –  Blueberries, cream & cobbler. To Wanda, Bethany sets the tone of a giant slice of pie and it reminds her that she deserves it! In Bethany, you have just enough fun…and just like desert, when the fun is over, that’s it.  There’s just enough fun to keep you entertained and wanting more.


Coffee Rendezbrew also sells loose teas, including Black, Peppermint and Egyptian Teas via a vendor Caribbean Bush teas, so when you head over to the website you can see more options that are available.  


Wanda had an opportunity to attend/vend at many events during the summer and fall and on Sundays you can find her at Sydney’s Restaurant and Lounge in Milford Delaware, where she has coffee tastings there.  There will be a community wellness day in Georgetown before the holidays, and she will start putting a schedule on Facebook so that people can know and follow the various events and taste testings.


Read Aloud Delaware Logo


Coffee Rendezbrew is also a partner with Read Aloud Delaware, where volunteers go into schools, preschools, daycare centers across the state, not just one particular area, but they go across the state and read to children to get them interested in reading, which is so important, so a percentage of the Beach Brew purchases are donated to Read Aloud Delaware. 

To learn more about Wanda or order check out her social media pages or send an email to [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coffeerendezbrew2

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coffeerendezbrew/

Amazon: Coffee Rendezbrew


Wanda’s WOW – Words of Wisdom:

 “Always follow your dream, your heart, your passion. And even if you have setbacks or  discouraging moments, just remember that every, No is an opportunity”.


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