Email Marketing Made Better with Campaign Monitor


Whether you are a small business owner or the CEO of a major Fortune 500 Corporation, email marketing is vital to staying closely connected to your customers and clients.

Social media marketing campaigns are great, however, getting them in front of your audience is becoming more and more difficult as the various social media platforms are constantly changing the rules.

Facebook is definitely going through some stuff and you may have noticed your engagement rates are fluctuating wildly, you may even be losing followers; the same thing is occurring over on Instagram and Twitter, however, you won’t find many people abandoning their email service providers and that will always be the best way to stay up close and personal with target market audiences.

However, managing your marketing campaigns with email newsletters may be time consuming and you may not even know how to create one that gets your clients excited enough to actually open it.


Never fear, Campaign Monitor is here and it can assist in helping you make your emails unforgettable with customizable templates that allows you to easily manage email marketing for multiple clients, and makes it simple for your teams to work together in executing great creative content.

Campaign Monitor is a flexible solution for all your email marketing needs and is scalable to grow with you.

Oh and there is a 10% discount for agencies.

Build beautiful, effective email newsletters.

With Campaign Monitor you will be able to create and deliver eye-catching emails that drive real business results with their easy-to-use design, personalization and automation tools.

Email marketing is like rocket fuel for media and publishing because it gets more eyes on your content and helps to boost audience engagement, so kick off the new year in style and stay connected with you clients with Campaign Monitor.

The easy to use, drop and drag templates are great so you or your creative teams can work quickly and efficiently to get emails out the door.  There are several pricing plans in which to choose starting as low at $9 per month for up to 2,500 emails across campaigns and automated emails.

Head over to Campaign Monitor to sign up for FREE and you’ll get assistance around the clock, whenever you need it because Campaign Monitor’s email marketing experts are dedicated to your success!

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