Podcast Interview with Tarrita Spicer, Creative Designer of Shy Intimate Apparel, LLC


Sunday’s Podcast Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger, was an interview with Tarrita Spicer, Creative Designer of Shy Intimate Apparel, LLC.




‘Tis the season for parties and holiday festivities and I am sure many of you ladies have found or perhaps are still in the process of finding the perfect outfit for a holiday gathering.  



However, with so many great styles out there many of them don’t fully cover bra straps and those little strap holders are irritating and can pop off – trust me, it happened to me last year, I had to find and use a paperclip.  


plus size valentine's day lingerie


Summer tops are the same, sometimes you want to but can’t go bra less, which is why the Shy Intimate Apparel Collection is a great alternative.  Shy Intimate Apparel Collection is specialty bra line made up of three styles and are made with soft and sexy fabrics, available in a variety of colors. The bras have clear, adjustable back and shoulder straps that provide the best support, while not taking the attention away from your attire.

After meeting Tarrita Spicer, at the Penn Women’s Conference in Philadelphia, I immediately invited her to be part of the Podcast, and she tells us how she started the business as well as where you can purchase the products.

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