Evangelist Tamala Coleman Podcast Interview with Antionette Blake

Evangelist Tamala Coleman: Inspiring Others Through Writing, Podcasting, and Ministry

🌟 Discover how writing and podcasting have helped Evangelist Tamala Coleman inspire others and why you won’t want to miss out on her upcoming multicultural children’s book release!

Welcome back to “Out & About with Antionette“, the podcast where I shine a light on the incredible individuals making a positive impact in their communities. In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Evangelist Tamala Coleman, an eight-time bestselling author, playwright, and minister, sharing her inspiring journey and passion for empowering and inspiring others.


The conversation kicks off with Evangelist Coleman sharing her journey of turning to writing as a means of coping with bullying during her childhood. Her experience underscores the cathartic power of journaling and the importance of self-expression for mental wellness. It’s a reminder that our stories, no matter how painful, can be transformed into sources of strength and empowerment.

Evangelist Coleman dives into her prolific writing career, which began with a 19-page poetry book and evolved into an impressive repertoire of 15 published books, including children’s books, devotionals, and collaborations in anthologies. Her passion for empowering women and ministering to others is evidenced by her deliberate efforts to create diverse, multicultural children’s books and uplifting devotionals that resonate with readers from various backgrounds. Not only is she an accomplished author, but she also extends her support to aspiring writers, emphasizing the importance of divine connections and the value of collaboration for those looking to venture into the world of writing.

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Throughout the conversation, Evangelist Coleman and I touch on the evolving landscape of literature consumption, emphasizing the significance of making content more accessible through audio formats. It’s a valuable insight for aspiring podcasters looking to leverage different mediums to reach a wider audience. Evangelist Coleman resonates with the sentiment, acknowledging the role of audio content in connecting with individuals in the busy, modern world.

As the conversation draws to a close, Evangelist Coleman leaves us with an inspirational message. She encourages listeners to be intentional in their pursuits, to embrace their purpose, and to persist despite doubts and external noise. Her words serve as a beacon of motivation for anyone seeking to embark on their creative journey or fulfill their aspirations. The open-hearted sharing of her personal struggles and triumphs reinforces the podcast’s mission of spotlighting individuals making a positive impact in their community.

This engaging episode encapsulates the essence of following one’s passion, fostering connections, and using creativity as a force for good. Evangelist Coleman’s authenticity and unwavering faith shine through, leaving a lasting impression on all those tuning in.

Evangelist Tamala Coleman’s interview offers a profound insight into the empowering influence of literature, writing, and collaborative creativity. Her journey serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative potential of storytelling and the enduring impact of utilizing one’s gifts to inspire others. Through her unwavering commitment to uplifting individuals through diverse literary forms, Evangelist Coleman embodies the essence of empowerment and resilience, leaving an indelible mark on the literary landscape.

By amplifying the voices and experiences of individuals from diverse backgrounds, Evangelist Coleman cultivates an environment of inclusion, empathy, and understanding, contributing to the collective tapestry of shared humanity. Her journey and passion certainly reflect the boundless capacity of literature to bridge divides and forge connections, making her an exemplar of empowerment and inspiration in the world of writing and storytelling.

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