Everyday Activities and Exercise – Podcast Interview with Dr. Dave Wilderman

Have you broken your New Year’s Resolution to get back into shape, perhaps you wanted to eat better or just be a bit more active. Well don’t despair, there is still hope and it starts with a few household chores mixed in with some music – and you will be back on track – no pun intended!

Last Sunday I had an opportunity to interview Dr. Dave Wilderman, founder of Wilderman Physical Therapy in Wilmington, Delaware and he had written a blog post entitled, “Do Everyday Activities Count As Exercise”

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Dr. Dave as he is affectionately called is the founder of Wilderman Physical Therapy was born and raised in North Wilmington. After graduating from Wilmington Friends School he went on to receive a BA in psychology/biology from the University of Delaware, which prompted him to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. He graduated with a Master’s of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University and a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from Boston University.

Dr. Wilderman founded Wilderman Physical Therapy in order to practice physical therapy in a setting that embodies his philosophy of treatment. He believes in the use of education, individualized attention, and client input in order to help his clients alleviate their pain and physical impairments.

Receiving physical therapy at Wilderman Physical Therapy enhances the potential results following an injury or surgery, providing improved function, minimized disability, and less time away from participation in work and leisure activities.

DelBlogger Podcast interview with Dr. Dave Wilderman

Dr. Dave writes a weekly blog post and is a contributor for The Women’s Journal so we discussed the 7 chores or activities that you can do to get you moving and back in shape even at “Happy Hour”, but you need to listen to the Podcast to hear that one!

We also discussed the following bullet points and I even asked him how many calories did he think I burned after spending 8 hours painting my home office over the weekend.

  • What are the recommended guidelines for physical activity?
  • Calorie expenditure for various everyday activities.
  • Ideas for increasing physical activity without having to go to the gym

Click this link to listen to the Podcast, then leave a comment with some ways in which you have turned household chores into calorie burning exercises.

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