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Exuding Confidence Through Fashion – Interview with Cecilia Stoeckicht

In this episode of “Out & About with Antionette,” I had an Uplifting Chat about Self-love, Sustainability, and Styling with Style Designer, Cecilia Stoeckicht.


Cecilia Stoeckicht

A Passion for Positive Self-Expression

Within every woman lies a unique beauty, a distinctive style waiting to be discovered. This is the belief nurtured by Cecilia Stoeckicht, a style designer whose mission is to help women find confidence in their fashion choices. I had the pleasure of interviewing her in my latest episode of the Out & About with Antionette Podcast, where we discussed her journey and transformational work.

The architect-turned-style-designer ardently believes that what we wear has a significant impact on how we feel, and how we behave. Cecilia’s approach is not just about defining someone’s style, but also about helping individuals embrace their age, appreciate their bodies, and find what works best for them.

A Different Kind of Shopping Experience

Cecilia’s service doesn’t just end with a shopping trip or a style plan. She supports her clients, for three months, offering guidance through the transformative process of revamping their personal image. She believes that giving her clients small, manageable steps towards change makes it more lasting and impactful. It offers them the chance to gradually discover their style while redefining their relationship with fashion.

The Power of Accessories and Sustainable Choices

Known for her bite-sized fashion tips on TikTok, Cecilia stresses the ability of accessories to transform an outfit completely. Coupled with her emphasis on sustainability and re-wearing items, she promotes a mindful approach. She touts the practice of shopping within your existing wardrobe before turning your attention towards stores, often second-hand websites. Her strategies emphasize building a designer wardrobe on a budget without the guilt or harm of fast fashion.

The Art of Dressing Well

In our chat, Cecilia dispelled a common misconception about clothes sizing, stating that women’s clothing sizes have no standardization. It’s essential to try different sizes and designs to find what fits and flatters your body the best, rather than chasing after the often-elusive “perfect size.”

She encourages building a wardrobe with high-quality pieces that complement your color palette. A well-curated closet makes it easier to mix, match and transform your outfits. Place comfort and practicality first when choosing your footwear. Always remember, a magnificent style is achievable regardless of size, age, or height.


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Embracing Change and Suffusing Self-love

Cecilia brings into focus the undeniable truth that our bodies will change, particularly during phases like menopause. However, instead of seeing these changes as daunting, she encourages women to find new ways to express themselves through clothing. Dressing, she maintains, is an act of self-love and self-care. Therefore, it’s important to utilize every occasion as an opportunity to pay homage to one’s self.

Empowering women to stride down their style journey with confidence, irrespective of societal molds, is a priority for Cecilia. She champions the notion that age should not define a woman’s look – each person is unique and deserving of celebrating their individuality.

My fun-filled informative discussion with Cecilia endeavored to encourage women to embrace their bodies, age, and unique style. As we navigate a post-pandemic world, let’s continue to dress with intention, bearing in mind the messages we emanate through our appearance.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Cecilia Stoeckicht for her time and her invaluable lessons. If you enjoyed this episode, please share it and engage with me on my social media platforms. Until the next one, carry yourself confidently and wear your heart on your sleeve.


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